Introduction: M.A.S.K. Energyroom 3dprinted Playable Diorama With LED Light

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

As a child i was a huge fan of the M.A.S.K. Cartoons

and i still do,... so there was this energyroom and i remember i wished to have this so badly... and now 25 years later i had the chance to finaly build my own energy room

Step 1: Getting Started

So i had to get some good captures to be able to sketch the designs and check dimensions so that it could fit the action figures.

The internet was full of proper fotographs and i watched some episodes to make my design

Step 2: 1st Prototype

So i started by creating the 1st prototype, i designed the bottom plate, the table and 8 seats with pillows

started printing in each colors and after a while the first prototype was ready.

i also designed an sticker for the table with en neon grid. so it looked more accurated then in the cartoon

Step 3: 2nd Prototype

I wanted to have it mor cartoon accurated so i added the aupper arms,... but how could i fit this togeter... so i decided to add the walls and tada.....the new energyroom was born.

to get the dropdown effect i added some leds in an acrylic tube


So in this video you see the evolution and progress of my energyroom, i added by the 3rd version an acrylic table plate and the final and larger version i needed to buy an anycubic chiron to get it printed because it was to huge.

The files for the first versions i give away for everyone who wants to build them self.

feel free to look for more of my stuff on my instructables profile or my instagram accout:

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