Introduction: Instructables Robot Multi-tool

Multi-tools can be very useful. They allow one to carry many tools around in one simple gadget. Papercraft is also really cool. They are incredibly easy to make. They can be added to a collection, or just sit on a desk as a decoration. Best of all, Instructables is awesome, and so is its robotic mascot. Now, if only you could have all three... NEWS FLASH:YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!! The Instructables Robot Multi-tool is an amazing little gadget that includes a keychain, screw driver, ruler, retracting tape measure, laser pointer, and flash light. In addition, it has removable/movable arms and has a compartment to store tools. So get moving and make this easy-to-build model of everyone's favorite mascot: the Instructables Robot.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, make sure you have the following items. If you don't, then read through the rest of the instructions and see if you can find a substitute. I have some idea below the list of materials.


-Glue gun


-Screwdriver head

-Wind up toy


-Tape measure


If you don't have cardstock, use normal paper and reinforce it with cardboard or more paper. If you don't have a glue gun, use another adhesive, but you'll have to make sure it will keep the screwdriver head in place. You might also need to use a sturdy material to keep the screw driver containment unit sturdy. If you don't have a tape measure or a windup toy, just skip the step in which they are needed. If you don't have Velcro, then try making another lock such as a small buckle or a latch. That substitute may be difficult (don't use an adhesive). You'll notice that there are two templates. One if for if you don't want a multi-tool, just a friendly robot to get you through the day.

Step 2: Cut and Fold

This step is the easiest. Simply cut out all the shapes on the template and fold them as shown above. Make sure that you cut out the flaps, as well as the shapes. The legs of the robot need to be rolled up when folded. Do not glue them together yet.

Step 3: Glue the Head, Body, and Legs

At this point, you can go ahead and glue the head, body, and legs together. Apply glue to the flaps on the body first. Then fold along the creases until one end of the body meets the glue. When all the flaps are glues correctly, the shape will be firmly held in place. Remember to leave the bottom flap of the body open as shown in the picture. Repeat this with the head and the legs.

Step 4: Antenna Ears

You'll notice that there are faint lines on this black and red sheet. Cut out the small strips on the sheet first. Next, glue them together in a T shape fashion. Then glue the red to the side of the robots head to make some nice antennas.

Step 5: Installing the Screwdriver Into the Arm

Before you start, you have three choices:

-Install the screwdriver into a containment unit that fits into a sleeve in the arm

-Install the screwdriver directly into the arm

-Ignore this step and continue with life

To install the screwdriver into the containment unit, print out the blank template and use an arm from that template. The blank one is needed because the blank template is smaller. Next, punch holes in both of the arms. Put the screwdriver head into the smaller arm and glue it in. You will have fill the containment unit with hot glue. At this point, you might want to unplug the glue gun, and use the cooler glue to fill the unit. Be careful to not burn yourself. You might also need to put glue on the top of the unit. After that, widen the hole in the larger arm and glue it together so that the smaller arm (containment unit) will fit nicely inside.

To install the screwdriver head directly into to arm, follow the steps above, except do it to the actual arm.

To ignore this step, move to the next step.

If you would like the screwdriver head to be changeable, cut out another containment unit and glue a different screwdriver head into that one. The extra unit will be stored in the tool storage and can inserted into the arm.

Step 6: Installing the Laser Pointer/Flash Light Into the Other Arm

You have another choice here. You can either ignore this step, or you can install a laser pointer. To ignore this step, ignore this step. To install the laser pointer, cut off one flap and cut a small gap in the arm as shown above. That is done so that when the laser pointer is inserted into the arm, the keychain can fit into the gap and out the back of the arm. In the picture above, there is Velcro on the arm. Don’t worry about that. It will be done in the next step.

Step 7: Velcro Holds It All Together

As I promised in the last step, you will be applying Velcro to the robot. It is best to use an adhesive Velcro, but if you don’t have that, you can use any adhesive to attach the Velcro. Attach one small Velcro square to each shoulder of the body, and one on each arm as well. In addition, attach a flap of card stock to the flap underneath the body. Apply Velcro to this and to the back of the robot as shown above. Now you should have an openable compartment under the robot and movable/removable arms, each with a tool.

Step 8: The Retracting Tape Measure

This is the fun part. First, find a windup toy and take it apart (you can use the screw driver arm!), then remove the wind up part. If you find a bare wind up toy without any gears attached, it should recoil quickly. Next, attach the end of the tape measure. I used two feet of the tape measure, but you can use as much you want as long as it doesn't get in the way of the project. With a windup piece that recoils so quickly, glue strings will get caught in the piece, so you will need to clear that out. Make sure that the tape is in the correct position so that when the tape is pulled, it recoils around the windup piece. Next, use cardstock barriers to make the tape roll up into the box when it retracts (the "box" will be made from the cardstock barriers). This tool should fit perfectly into the edge of the storage compartment in the robot.

Step 9: Attatch the Keychain

This is the simplest step. Just glue the keychain onto his head.

Step 10: Finished

NEWS FLASH: YOU NOW HAVE AN INSTRUCTABLES ROBOT MULTITOOL/KEYCHAIN. Now you can finally use this amazing tool. You can also remove the tools from the arm and stack the arms on the ruler on the back. The result will be a 10 cm ruler. If you enjoyed this project, please favorite, follow, vote, and leave a comment.

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