Introduction: Instructables Robot Pencil Sharpener

It really works!

You sharpen and it will hold the trimmings!

Step 1: Ingredients

Foam board
Card stock (one shade of yellow for the body, yellow orange for the arms and legs, red for the ears)
Sharpie marker
Popsicle sticks
Some sort of stand somewhere

Step 2: Cutting Out the Body

I placed the card stick over my computer (which had the image of the robot on it) then I traced it out with sharpie (it doesn't bleed through).

First, the body is made in three parts to begin with. The front, back, and sides the grid and back are simple, the side can be however thick, I made mine 1 inch thick. In order to find the length cut some rope and wrap it around your body, mine measured out to 6.5 inches long.

Be sure to cut out lips in the rectangle so there is a place to glue.

Step 3: Making the Head

Glue 5 squares together (mine was 1x1, but I think I made it too small)

Be sure to cut out lips, 4 - one on each side. The lips on the outside will help to create a scaffolding type deal.

Cut out the eyes by using paper and outline the eyes with sharpie (just like it looks in the drawing.

The ears are made very similarly to the body, just cut out the basic shapes and add some layers for 3d, I think the pictures will do a better job of explaining.

Stick some pins in the ears for the antennae

Step 4: Arms and Legs

Arms an legs are made by glueing cylinders together then outlining the shapes in Sharpie.

Arms- cut at a steep angle to form a good place for glueing- I think most of this is pretty subjective, so you may come up with a better way

To get started,'I would just start glueing and see where you can go from there.

The wheels are a little more tricky, for the grey- cut out the circles and then glue it to a black piece, then glue that into the legs.

For support, add some pops circle sticks to the back.

Then glue this onto another platform, like a piece of cardboard or a stand of some sort

Step 5: The Insides (part 1)

To force the trimmings out the rear, guides must be placed, glue two sheets of paper to the inside of this sharpener.

Step 6: The Insides (part 2)

Glue the paper to the sharpener and then to the robot in every way you can, up and down and left and right, so it cannot move

Step 7: The Bottom

To create the release mechanism, cut out a bottom, and them glue in a latch to hold it shut.

The bottom is just three cuts right under the area where the shavings would go.

The latch is just one paper being held up by another. The pictures will explain better :)

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