Introduction: Instructions on How to Use a MH871-MK2 Vinyl Cutter

Hello, my name is Ricardo Greene and I made instructions on how to use a MH871-MK2 Vinyl Cutter.

Step 1: Connect It to the Computer

Make sure the cords are connected to the computer before you start.

Step 2: Turn the Machine On

Press the power button on the side.

Step 3: Go on the Computer

Go on the computer and find the VinylMaster Cut browser. Once you've found it, click on it.

Step 4: Go to New Document

Once you've clicked on the browser, go to new documents.

Step 5: Click Text Modes

Click on Text Modes to type in whatever you want.

Step 6: Font

Choose which type of font you want and how big you want the words.

Step 7: Send It

Click on the icon that looks like a pen to send it to the machine.

Step 8: Double Check

Make sure everything is to your liking before you start.

Step 9: Test It

Click Area Test to see if it's linked up to the machine. You'll know when it is linked when the machine makes a sound.

Step 10: All Set

Once you know the machine is linked up, you click Cut Now.

Step 11: Finished Product

This would be the outcome of the cut.