Introduction: Insure Your Garden Is Well Pollinated and Greatly Increase Your Harvest While Doing the Same for All Your Neighbors! Keep Your Own Bees!

Help the environment. Keep our planet green. Insure best pollination of your garden and do the same for the gardens of all your neighbors for miles! Make the decision to become a keeper of bees!

Step 1: Get Knowledgable on Bee Keeping

Online research. Local library. Find and talk to local bee keepers. Find out as much as you can about what it takes to keep bees.

Step 2: Start a Backyard Hive

We found most of what we needed to start our hives from other local bee keepers. We also learned from their mistakes without wasting the time making the same mistakes ourselves, lol. Every area is different so rather then tell you the resources in ours that won't be best for your area, it's better to tell you to search for your area. You will find the best resources in your area by seeking out local bee keepers, most are happy to share all they know with anyone else willing to do there part to keep our earth well pollinated for future generations.

Step 3: Happy Garden, Happy Hive, Happy Harvesting!

Enjoy the extra bounty when it's time to harvest your well pollinated garden! Plus now you will also have yummy honey to harvest from your hives! Win, win!

Step 4: P.S.

FYI This was my first instructable and I am sorry it isn't the greatest. I am going to take the class on how to write an instructable, so hopefully my next one (of many) will be written much better and be a lot more detailed. Thank you!
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