Integrating Art and Music Into Other Disciplines



  • As a teacher, I find it is important to not only teach the main subjects: math, science, social studies, and English; but also to integrate the subjects others may leave for the special teachers: music, art, and gym.  This guide will help you find projects that integrate these special subjects into your everyday teaching.

    When using activities in this guide students will be able to use art to study science, math, English, and Social Studies.
    • Students will be able to label plant parts.
    • Students will be able to name equivalent fractions
    • Students will be able to use the writing process to create a story.
    • Students will be able to describe penguin environments and behaviors
    • Students will be able to spell CVC words
    • Students will be able to solve simple mathematics equations
    • Students will be able to describe clothing from the roaring twenties.
    • Students will be able to pick out familiar words from a page to make a sentence.
    • Students will be able to illustrate a short phrase.
    1. Science - Needle Felted Plant Cell: This ible gives students a hands on approach to making a plant cell.  The author is very good at using vocabulary and facts while making the plant cell.
    2. Math - Two Minute Ukulele: Music is a subject that can goes hand in hand with fractions.  Notes relate to fractions in a way that 4 quarter notes = 1 whole note just as 4 1/4 = 1.  Making an instrument and playing with it in temple will let students hear how fractions are equivalent.
    3. English – If I Could be Anything – Using Paint with Story Writing: This ible integrates drawing with writing, showing the students how to draw a picture on the computer that goes with a story they wrote using the writing process.
    4. Science – Tiny Penguins: This ible lets students create their own little penguins that they then use in a science lesson pertaining to penguin environment and behaviors.
    5. English / Math – CVC Word Train: This ible creates trains out of foam that can be used in CVC lessons and mathematics lessons.
    6. Social Studies – Easy Flapper Headband: When studying culture, one of the many aspects to study is clothing and accessories.  This ible provides instructions on how to make a quick and easy flapper headband for studying the roaring twenties.
    7. English - SHORT STORY...Inspiration & Illustration: This ible is perfect for student's who may not be able to read full pages of text.  They can scan the text for fun words they already know and use the other filler words to make a proper sentence.  Then they would illustrate their sentence using various available art materials.