Introduction: Intel Edison: Updating,WiFi and WinSCP

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This is how to update firmware and connect your Intel Edison to wifi and WinSCP.

Step 1: Connect Cables.

You will need to connect power and both USB cables.

Separate power is just for backup so the firmware update won't mess up.

Both USB cables are needed for serial communication and for access to the mass storage of the Edison.

Step 2: Download Firmware Files.

You can find the needed files from here----> UPDATE FILES

Use Winrar or any unzipping program to unpack the file and copy them to the Edison mass storage.

Mine is marked as "G:" , your might be different.

Step 3: Download PuTTY.

Download PuTTY from here ------> PuTTY download page.

Chose the right version for the platform you will be using. (Windows, Mac, Linux etc..)

Install and run.

Step 4: Connecting to the Edison.

To connect to the Edison you will have to figure out witch COM port it is using. You can find out that from

Control panel-> Device manager.

The right one is Intel Edison USB Composite Device.

Mine was COM17, your's might be different.

Chose serial from the PuTTY menu and insert your serial line. Then insert 115200 to the speed. This is the baud rate of the Edison board and this is the same for everyone.

Lastly click Open.

Step 5: Login and Start the Update.

Edison's basic login is "root". if password is asked type "root" for that also.

After you see the line " root@edison:~# " write command to the console.

reboot ota

This will reboot the Edison and start the update process. This will take few minutes.

After the update is done it will say:

Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 1.6 edison ttyMFD2

Then it will ask you to login to the Edison again. Use the same as before.

Step 6: Start Setup.

Then you will need to setup the Edison to access WiFi.

Start the setup for the Edison by entering

configure_edison --setup

to the console.

After that it will ask to give the board unique name. I named my board Edison.

It will ask " is "your chosen name here" correct?

Press Y to confirm.

Lastly it will ask to set new password for the board.

The password must be 8 characters long. Use whatever you will remember.

Step 7: WiFi Connection.

Edison will ask that will it scan for WiFi. Press Y and enter.

The scanning will take about 10 seconds.

After that it will ask where to connect.

Chose your own WiFi and enter the number to the console. Mine is number 9 with name Valvonta.

Enter your password when it is asked.

Step 8: You Are Now in Internet.

Wow. How cool is that?

Enter the URL that it gave you and insert that address to your browser.

The information in there is pretty simple. The name of your board and it's IP address.

Now you can start your own adventure on the Edison board.

But wait, there is more.

Step 9: Download and Connect WinSCP.

WinSCP is very handy tool for accessing the Edison's internal memory. (this is useful also with raspberry PI)

You can find it from here.

The program is very simple.

Set File protocol to SCP

Host name is the Edison's IP adress. Leave port number to 22.

User name is root and password is the password that you chose before.

Then click Login.

It will ask your password again, enter it and click OK.

Done. Now you are inside of the Edison.

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Thanks for reading!