Introduction: Interactive Posters in Class


1 Makey Makey Classic

1 Laptop Conductors - Aluminium foil/Water containers/Pencil and Paper/Copper wire/etc.


Step 1: Step 1: Making Display

Students should already know what they are presenting and how the Makey Makey's interactivity will help their piece.

For this one, students recorded their voice so that they could verbally explain the poster without being there.

Have students construct their display.

They then cut a small hole where they want the 'trigger' to be for their interactivity. Simply poke the alligator clip through this that is connected to the Makey Makey or connect another conductor.
They will need to have a way to close the circuit - eg, wand connected to earth.

Roam the room and help out where necessary, but best to let students lead it.

Praise successes and risk-taking.

Have student experts help out if necessary.

Step 2: Step 2: Scratch

Remix or start from scratch.

I encourage remixing for early learners of this program.

Use the voice recording tool to be controlled by the trigger you have set (eg, left arrow).

And done! Enjoy :)