Introduction: Interactive Purring Sofa

Cat shaped giant couches have been made in the past. Petting a cat can be therapeutic and stroking flurry tigers is known to be relaxing. In this project we show a couch that purrs when it is stroked with the objective of exploring new concepts in interactive furniture.

Step 1: Hardware Setting

see video:

Step 2: Software Setting

download the MAX 74 app code from github:

select a purring aiff file from: add fade out and fade in with garage band.

in the MAX app, click on [open] button/box

select your .aiff purring sound file

in Max 74, select options> Sound status...

- select audio output bluetooth/Jambox

- select audio input internal built in ( the microphone)

in Max74, click on start on/off button (bottom right)

Step 3: Adjust Sound Level

in the if else statement adjust the number 6 purring trigger thereshold.