Introduction: Interactive Television Show Game

Interactive TV is a tamil channel, Where we lot of programs and also interactive games by call the number and use the mobile button to play the game on the television. Want to do some thing like that for local cable TV for my friend.

So using DTMF to catch the keypress and play the game in local pc in the cable tv station and that pc display is link with the cable tv telecast is the plan. Its very funny to learn some thing new like this.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Linkit one board with GSM antenna.

2) Mobile sim card with good network coverage.

3) DTMF(Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency).

4) Male and female jumper wires.

5) Audio jack to connect Linkit one with DTMF decoder.

6) 5 Wire strip with one side male and other side female connector.

7) Linkit one usb cable.

Step 2: GSM Network

To connect the linkit one to GSM network. Insert a sim card with no lock in the sim card slot on the back of the Linkit one board. Only no lock sim must be used. Use a network with full coverage to clarity.

Step 3: Step by Step Connection

No need for soldering is a major plus point so any one can do it.

1) Connect audio jack to the Linkit one board.

2) From the audio jack take two wires one from audio jack to speaker GND and another audio jack to speaker positive.

3) connect the GND to DTMF decoder GMD pin and positive to DTMF pin in the board.

4) DTMF need 5v power supply. Use jumper wiresto connect 5v and Gnd power supply from linkit one to DTMF decoder board.

5) Put this arrangement in a box. Paste the wires peeping out over the box to the bottom of the box.

6) Connect the 5 strip wire female connector to VT, D4, D3, D2, D1 pins.

7) Connect the other end of the 5 trip wire male connector to the Linkit one digital pins D12, D11, D10, D9, D8 pins.

8) Connect the Linkit one usb cable.

Its all finish very simple work no need for solder and more fun.

Step 4: Selecting Game

Selecting the game is very important. If u have flash developer then u can create urself simple games. Keep in mind while selecting the game.

1) Don't select any game which want continuous key press.

2) Dont select multikey same time function games.

3) Select 2 to 3 button games.

4) Don't use flash games because send keys never work in flash games.

Game i select now

1) I selected a Snake game so i use keys 2,4,6,8 for 4 directions.

Step 5: Microcontroller Program

1) Use LGSM library for mobile receiving coding.

2) In program running loop getvoicecallstatus. Waiting for call from mobile.

3) When Receiving call status is received answer the call command given.

4) Now the audio received pass to the DTMF decoder through the audio jack.

5) From the DTMF board VT pin high low when new DTMF code received.

6) So after new code receive read the data pins.

7) So it is a binau code of 0001,0010 like wise.

8) convert it to decimal and send to pc through serial communication.

9) Like wise while new call receive or current call close send the detail to pc through serial communication.

Step 6: VB Program and Running


1) Use VB program to control the game.

2) When the connection is made the program minimize to task bar to let the next active application to come front.

3) In VB program use MSComm control to receive data from Linkit one board.

4) Use the send keys command to create virtual key down event.

5) That keys stokes play the game.

6) according to the game selected the program varies.


1) Open the game go up to start.

2) Next Open the Play game exe.

3) Find the linkit one com port on the device manager of the computer.

4) Type the comport number on the text box. Click the play game button.

5) Now the form minimize to the task bar and the game on the active application.

6) So when call receive as per send keys the game start.

7) When press the keys the game run.

8) When stop the game play the link between the PC and micro controller will break.

Step 7: Final Running

Due to my camera battery life gone i cant able to take video and also my mobile want to test the app i take pictures use my web cam.

Want to do more

1) Want to add start and stop game while the call and hang.

2) After complete show the score with the phone number.

3) At the end of the show display the top 3 scores and prize will be announced.

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