Introduction: Intro

Today I am going to paint my new cowl hood because I have no money and I'm too cheap to have maaco do it. I used 5 cans of white and 3 cans of clear.

Step 1: What You Need

What you will need:

5 cans of gloss white spray paint (I used .96 walmart paint but the $4 stuff is better)
3 or more cans of gloss clear (or more if you like)
microfiber cloths
220 grit sand paper or higher

Step 2: Prep

The first thing you need to do is wash the hood with a degreaser. Then you need to wet sand the hood with 220 grit sand paper. After sanding the primer you need to wash it again to remove the sanding residue and dry it with a microfiber cloth. It should be as smooth as glass and dirt/dust free. make sure to mask off anything you dont want painted.

Step 3: Paint

Start your first layer with long slow strokes but not so slow it runs going in whatever direction you want. After your first layer is done let it dry till its a little tacky.
Start your second layer going the opposite direction of the first and again do long slow strokes. Put as many layers on as necessary to cover all the primer and get a nice even coat.

Step 4: Clear Coat

When you have covered your hood with enough layers you can start clear coating it. When you get to the second to last layer get the 220 grit or higher sand paper and lightly wet sand the clear coat you have already put down cause if you feel the hood it will be rough. When the hood is smooth again put the last coat on and let dry overnight before you re-install it.

Step 5: Finished

This is the before and after pics.

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