Introduction: Intro: Halloween Dementors

This is my first Instructable - so hope you enjoy.

This Instructable to make you very own Halloween dementor to hang out side your own house on Halloween.

I have decided to make this for Halloween this year as I have now been doing these for two years now. This project should only take a few hours once you have gathered all the materials required.

Have fun make my instructable and enjoy.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

In this step i will list all of the materials required to make one Halloween Dementor.

- One hessian sack ( can be purchaced from any fabric store of and where that deals in coffee beans)
- Spooky fabric ( any colour will do.)
- One coast hanger or armature wire.
- Plastic Skull
- Black string to hang up.

Some black spray paint can be used to give the hessian a dirty look when finished.

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric

In this step you will need to lay out the fabric on the tale and start cutting it to look like a long t-shirt, which you will then need to slice up from the bottom to give the fabric a tattered and torn look. First start with the under fabric and the do the hessian top la second.

You will need to trim the hessian sack to the same size as the spooky fabric as the sack is much bigger, but save the off cuts as they will be needed to make to hood.

When you make the slices from the bottom of the fabric just make sure that they are done at different lengths and are all not straight lines. The need to be very random and you can also pull some of the hessian strands out fro the side of the cuts, which will give a tattered and torn look.

Step 3: Making the Shape

This step involves you laying out the two layers of fabric on the table and making the frame to act as arms and hold a shape under the fabric.

Firstly lay the hessian layer out on the table and then lay the spooky fabric layer out on top of it. Then get your coat hanger and cut it open and bend it out until its straight. Then loop one of the ends over so that there is not a sharp edge. Once that is sorted then you will need to make a loop on the other end so that there is no sharp edge.

You will then need to find the middle point / balancing point. Then make a little bit that sticks up so the string can be fixed to this bit. As you can see from the photo i have cut a neck hole in both layers of the fabric for the head to fit in to.

I then used a bit of hessian to tie through both layers of the fabric to the coat hanger using the loop that i put on the end. This stops the fabric blowing off and seeing the coat hanger. I also tied the black string on the middle bit of the hanger so that it was ready to hang up.

I dont have a photo for the next stage, but all you have to do is to flip the top layers over the bottom so that i [piece of string is out of the neck hole so it can be hung up.

Step 4: Head / Skull

this step involves repainting the skull white as the colour I purchased it was black and brown. I decided to paint it white so that it would stand out a bit more.

To paint the skull you will need a sponge, small piece of wood and some white paint. The process of painting the skull is firstly dip the sponge in to the paint and then wipe of the excess on the piece of wood. Then gently dab/tap the sponge against the skull. This will add a thin layer of paint to the skull, this will allow you to only add a small amount of paint at a time so that you can still see the black under colour of the plastic.

Once the paint has dried then you will need to make a small hole in the top and the bottom of the skull, just big enough to thread the piece of string through. At thought is point you will also need to get the off cuts of the hessian sack and cut out a hood shape that is big enough to cover the head as well as being fixed to the inside of the body.

Now you will need to feed the piece of string through the bottom hole and then the top hole in the skull. the feed the string through the top of the hood. Then slide the head all the way down to the coat hanger and the slide the hood down over the skull. Tuck the excess fabric of the hood in to the body of the dementor. If you need to you can fix the hood to the body by using some of the hessian strands to tie hood to the body.

At this point you can hang the dementor up and add some paint like back or grey. This can be done to make the dementor to a little bit dirty and old.

I am sorry about the lack of pictures on the two steps within this step. I hope that you can all still follow the Instructable.

Step 5: Finish Line

This is the completed dementor ready for hanging on and before halloween. As the dementor has wire under the fabric you are able to put him in a position so that it looks like he has arms.

You can also change the colour of them providing you can purchase other colours of fabrics or just add different colours of spray paint.

I hope you all enjoy my first instructable and can follow the step by step guide.

Have fun and enjoy

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