Introduction: Intro: How to Apply Make-Up

Make-up application can be very confusing, we all have our own techniques to apply make-up, but what is the best way to do it to get your best look every time. These instructions are for anyone wanting to apply make-up, whether it is your first time or just looking for guidance in your current routine. This document will help you apply your make-up the proper way each day. This document will cover (1) moisturizing (2) foundation (3) concealer, (4) blush application (5) eye make-up application (6) eyebrow fill in (7) eye liner, (8) eyelashes, (9) lip liner, and (10) lip stick. All make-up used for this can be bought at any local store. I will not be instructing any surgical or tattooing techniques.

By the end of this instructional, you will be able to successfully apply your make up for every day wear. This step by step routine will decrease time applying your make up each day and make you look and feel ten times better.

Step 1: I. Supplies and Equipment Needed



Egg shaped sponge applicator

Fuller sized make-up brush 2 eye shadow brushes





Translucent powder


2 Eye shadow shades

Brow mascara


Eye liner

Lip stick or lip gloss

Primer (optional)

Step 2: II. Apply Moisturize to Your Face.

You should make sure your face and hands are clean before beginning. Applying make up to a dirty face using dirty hands will cause blemishes.

A. Choose the correct moisturizer for your skin type.

If you have dry skin, you should choose a moisturizer that hydrates your skin, preferably a thick cream instead of a light lotion or gel type. If you prefer anti-aging moisturizers, you should choose one that has ingredients such as peptides, retinol, and antioxidants. If you have oily skin, you should choose a moisturizer that has botanical extracts or oil free formulas, and a light lotion instead of a thick cream. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose a moisturizer that contains oatmeal or aloe, and fragrance free. If you have acne-prone skin, you should choose a moisturize that is a light lotion and oil free. You should use a spot treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid as needed.

B. Generously apply the correct type of moisturizer to your face using your fingertips.

Step 3: III. Apply Foundation.

Apply foundation all over your face and into your neck using an egg shaped sponge applicator.

Note: Recommend applying a primer before the foundation. Make-up primer is a base for foundation. It makes the foundation application smoother, and makes your make-up last longer through the day.

A. Wet your sponge with warm water.

B. Pour a dime size amount of foundation on the back of your hand.

C. Dab the wider end of the sponge into the foundation and start applying it at the sides of your nose and blend it out on your face. Blend foundation onto your nose and under your eyes using the narrow end of the sponge.

Step 4: IV. Apply Concealer.

Apply concealer in the same shade as your skin color. Apply only to areas that need it.

A. Using a pointed concealer brush, strip concealer on areas such as under eyes and blemishes. Apply in a shape of a triangle below your eyes. This allows for full coverage of line and dark circles.

B. Use your ring finger to gently blend concealer underneath your eyes.

Step 5: V. Apply a Powder Blush Using a Medium Sized Brush.

A. Lightly sweep the brush into the blush and tap to remove excess powder.

B. Smile at yourself in the mirror and using circular motions apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

C. Using upward strokes, brush blush on your cheek bones.

Note: If you accidentally apply too much blush, cover it with translucent powder to lighten up the color.

Step 6: VI. Fill in Your Brows Using a Brow Mascara.

A. Use light upward strokes.

B. Follow along the brow contour.

Step 7: VII. Apply Eye Shadow Using a Eye Shadow Brush.

Note: You should have 2 eye shadow colors; a neutral shade and a darker shade.

A. Run your brush over the light, neutral shade, and tap the excess shadow off brush.

B. Use sweeping upward strokes (towards the brow line) to apply it across the entire eye lid from the lash line to just above your crease.

C. Run your brush over the dark shadow and tap the excess shadow off brush.

D. Apply dark shadow at the outer Start in the outer corner of your eyelid just above the top lash, then sweep it along the eye lid where the brow bone meets your crease.

Move the brush in a “C” shape from the outer corner of the eye inward towards the center of your eyelid.
Use wind shield wiper motions to make sure the entire area is covered.

E. Repeat steps A-F on your other eye.

Step 8: VIII. Apply Eyeliner.

A. Using an eyeliner pencil, create a dashed line across your lash line.

B. Connect the dashes to create a full continues line across your lash.

C. Draw a thin line on bottom lid.

D. You can choose to wing the end up and outward a bit if you like.

Step 9: IX. Apply Mascara to Lashes.

A. Choose the correct mascara for your lash type.

If you have short eyelashes, you should use a mascara that will add length to your lashes. If you have thin eye lashes, you should use a mascara that will add volume to your lashes.

B. Dip the brush in the mascara once and wipe off the excess with a paper towel or the edge of the mascara container.

C. Using upward stokes, apply the mascara to your top lash. Start at the inner part of your eye and work your way outward.

D. Wiggle the brush as you apply it, this will help coat between the lashes.

E. Repeat steps B-D on your other eye.

F. Repeat steps B-E, so you apply 2 coats to each eye.

Step 10: X. Apply Lip Liner.

Note: Recommend sharpening your lip liner pencil before application.

A. Draw line along the natural line of your lips.

B. Using the pencil, continue to fill in your lips with the lip liner.

Step 11: XI. Apply Lip Stick or Lip Gloss Straight From the Tube.

A. Using the lip stick, start applying in the center of your lip.

B. Blend the color outwards.

C. Make sure you apply the color as close to the edge of your lips without going over your lip line.

Step 12: Closing Remarks

These are simple step by step instructions to help you apply your make-up properly each day. Following these instructions will give you a flawless look time after time. All the make-up products be purchased inexpensively at any local drug store. Please review the video to see the final product.

Step 13: Liability Statement

These instructions are intended solely for reference. Any injuries or product damage, and or property damage incurred while attempting any of these steps in these instructions are not the responsibility of the creator/author of these instructions.