Introduction: LED-light for Drill Press

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I've had problems working with my drill press because of the shadows casted by my ceiling lighting. Obviously my tool shed / man cave isn't well lit. I decided to build a LED lamp attached to my drill press.

Step 1: Shopping List

The key item here is the loc-line modular hose. It is rigid but gives great flexibility.

- Loc-line modular hose system the real one: or AliExpress

- LED lamp: I used this 12V 1.2W LED or:

- Lamp fitting:

- Power supply: AC to DC 110-220v to 12v

- Electrical wire

- Electrical connectors (to your liking)

- mini lamp shade, I made my own:

Step 2: Assembly

1. Decide where you want your light coming from, probably from the left side as the handles are usually on the right.

2. Drill a hole in the top housing. I used a stepped drill bit as shown in the picture above. Drill a 12mm hole and you will be able to screw in the loc-line connector. I didn't have any 12mm bolts so I used some epoxy putty to fasten it to the housing.

3. Pull the 2 electrical wires through the Loc-line

4. Decide where you will house your power supply. I placed it in the upper housing as shown in the picture.

5. Loosen the on/off switch and open it's housing. You're going to have to "tap" some current (in my case 220V) from there and make sure to isolate the wires and see to it that they don't come in contact with any moving parts. I had to drill a hole from the on/off switch housing to the upper chamber. Run the 220V wires to the power supply.

6. Solder/connect the wires from the Loc-line to the power supply V- / V+ DC side.

7. Solder/connect the "220 V" wires to the input side (AC) of the power supply.

8. Run a short test making sure your output is 12V using a multimeter.

9. Connect the LED fitting to the wires making sure you know which is + (pos) and which - (neg).

10. Glue or epoxy the LED-light fitting to the Loc-line.

11. Make a lamp shade or buy one. I made my own:

12. Done!

Step 3: End Result

There you go, done!

Let me know if you've made your own and please share some pics.