Introduction: Intro to CloudX Microcontroller

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CloudX microcontroller is an opensource hardware and software

micro-computer that allows you to create your own interactive projects. CloudX is a small chip board that allows users to tell it what to do before taking any action, it accept different kinds of sensors, modules any other communication device.

It is basically developed for students, schools and hobbyists and also to be adopted in the field of engineering, robotics, art, Internet of Things(IoT) and product manufacturing.

Many secondary schools can use it with innovative techniques for cross-curricullum studies.

Primary schools can use toys powered by CloudX microcontroller using visual block programming to introduce physical learning, logic building skills, and problem solving to promote the creative process through project-based learning with a focus on student interaction and group collaboration.

It is great for Robotics and Industrial automation beacuse a lot of hobbyist’s robotic projects are concerned with hardware controls and interacting with sensors which CloudX has been designed to do.

CloudX is developed to promote hardware inventions in schools by educating students on the basic fundamentals on how they can get started.

Step 1: CloudX Mircocontroller Series and Features

Step 2: CloudX Microcontroller Board

The CloudX hardware comes in two packages;

CloudX Controller: this is board contains the processor chip which executes user’s instructions

Step 3:

· CloudX SoftCard: is a breakout board that allows communication between the controller Board and the computer. This can also be referred to as “Hardware Programmer” because it doesn’t go with your project; users only need to buy this board once. The SoftCard can also be used as USB to serial device.