Introduction: Durable Tangram Puzzle


Tangram puzzles are very popular. This one consists of 7 parts which, when put together, form a perfect square.


Foam board or scraps of foam board. The board is available for $1.00 at Dollar Stores. The paper covering the board may be left on or removed.

Carton sealing tape. Available in a variety of colors. I purchased mine from Amazon.

Plain paper for template.

Sand paper - fine.




Xacto knife

Scissors (optional)

Sanding block.

Step 1: Create the Template

Draw a square 2.83" x 2.83"

Inside the square form the following pieces (see image).

2 large right triangles (2.83" x 2" x 2")

1 medium right triangle (2" x 1.41" x 1.41")

2 small right triangles (1" x 1" x 1.41")

1 square (1" x 1")

1 parallelogram (1" x 1.41" x 1" x 1.41")

Completed template may be enlarged or reduced in size.

Step 2: Cut Out Template Pieces

Use Xacto knife or scissors to cut out template pieces.

Step 3: Cut Parts

Position pieces on top of foam board. These may be placed, glued, or taped onto the foam board.

Use the Xacto knife to cut the foam board.

Step 4: Sand Parts

Sand the edges of each piece for comfort (removes sharp edges) and visual appeal.

Step 5: Cover Foam Pieces

Wrap carton sealing tape around each piece to ensure that each piece lasts a long time.

Step 6: Complete the Puzzle

Put the Tangram pieces together form a perfect square. I have laid the paper template on top so that you can clearly see the solution.

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