Introduction to the Hobby of Electronics



  • My name is project_builder and I have been working with electronics for years. It has always interested me since I was little. I started by hooking up lights and fans to a battery and watched them move or light up. Now I am designing and building my own projects just by using simple tools. If your just starting you should start out small and get a basic understanding of it. You should also pick a spot to ''set up shop'' and collect basic tools and parts. You should collect basic tools such as screwdrivers and drill bits and a drill. Later a soldering iron/pencil/gun and a volt/multi meter. There are THOUSANDS of little parts and components that exist for this hobby and there is no way to collect them all. Raid your garbage bins, junk drawers, and your local radio shack for parts. Unsoldering parts from junk is the cheapest way to get them. Once you have a understanding of it you can move on to more projects, try some below, and check out my page for new projects by me. Good luck