Introduction: The Upside Down Bookshelf

 Have you ever wanted an eye catching item in your house, or a really different decoration for a party, or another kind of event?  Something that will make people stop in their tracks and say, WOW!  Thats amazing, how did you do that!?  Well, i believe that this Inverted Bookshelf will do the trick. Its pretty cool and really easy.  In this instructable I will show you how to make it using a couple of old books, gorilla glue and a few other materials. Yes, I said GORILLA GLUE! The coolest glue ever!

Please pardon any grammar mestakes, I am a still learning.
Part of this Idea came from the Invisible bookshelf made by dorxincandeland.

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Step 1: Get the Materials

For this instructable you are going to need some easy materials that you can find around the house or at your local hardware store.

1) The super awesome GORILLA GLUE

2) Some old hard cover books that you dont mind destroying and gluing together, enough of them to cover the bracket.

3) An L bracket, about a 4 inch, you will also need screws, probally about 3 or 4
4) A Knife or razor, whatever you prefer.

5) Screws, they will be attaching the bracket, so make sure they are good.

6) Rubber Cement and a ruler and a pencil

7) Masking tape.

My total cost that i came up with was ..........  15 Dollars! Wow, What a Deal!! Almost every book was $3 or less.  Yup, That cheap. I got the books at a surplus store. I had the GORILLA GLUE and rubber cement.  I bought the bracket from home depot for....... under 5 I think?  Not sure, but i think thats what it was. So i think this is great for a cool project on a tight budget. Good Luck!


Step 2: Cutting the Top Book

The top book is the one that will hold all the other books. Make sure it is a good, thick hard cover book. What you want to do now is make sure the book is the right way up then take the book and measure the exact middle. The way you want the book is so the bracket is on the bottom and the book is upside down. Then cut Only One edge of the Book!!   After that mark around the bracket and cut the middle, but make sure you cut it so that the back cover sits flush or almost flush with the pages. 


Step 3: Cut the Rest of the Books

Next you are going to cut the rest of the books. Again, Make sure that all the books are centered so they sit right.  You do this so the books are flush against the wall. To do this you will need to cut off both of the edges on the smaller books. 

Step 4: Fitting the Books

After you have cut out the edges on the smaller books, you will want to make sure they fit right and are centered. If they are not, you are going to want to fix that, if you can. If the books are all lined up you can proceed to the next step.

Step 5: The Pages

This step is where you will start gluing and taping. What you will do is get the masking tape, and cut off two little pieces. Once you do that, take one piece and put it on one side of your previous cut book cover. Then put the other one on the other side. What this will do is keep the books from opening up when the hang upside down. If you want after that, you can rubber cement the sides of the pages. If you do, it will give the pages a daker look. Do that for all of the books. After you finish that go to the next step.


Finally, after all my blabbing about instructions its time for GORILLA GLUE!! Okay, so now that you have taped your books it is time to glue. What you want to do is put the glue on the PAGES and add some water to the COVER. Do not use to much glue or to much water. If you use to much, the page will get all yucky and then you have a mess. So once you put the glue on, put weight on the books. You will want them as stuck together as possible, especially the top few since they have all the weight.

Step 7: Gluing the Books!and GORILLA TIME

Yes, as the title says YOU ARE NOW GLUING THE BOOKS! This is probably the hardest part of this whole project. I say its the hardest because you have to make sure the books are in line, and that you don't glue to close to the edge. If you glue to close to the edge the foam will go out the sides. And if that happens it looks bad. So be careful and glue about half an inch to an inch away from the edge. If the glue leaks out the end, wait for it to dry and then cut it off with a knife.

When you glue the top book, only glue the outside part of the cover. Do not glue the pages or you cant put up the bookshelf.

Step 8: On the Wall!

Now it is time to put the books on the wall. Hopefully you didnt glue the inside of the cover book. What you want to do is screw the bracket onto the wall. you want it level so make sure it is. Next you take the books and line them up with the bracket. This is where you will screw it in. Put two screws in the bracket and screw the books together. Then just close the op of the book. And Taa Daa  you have an Inverted Invisible Bookshelf!

Step 9: All Done!

Ok, so now you know how to make an Inverted Invisible Bookshelf.  What do you think? Is it good? Is it bad? or do you really like it? This is only my second instructable so I need tips on how to make things better. So comment if you can! It would be great for for everyone to post up pictures if you make on, I would like to see you make a better shelf than mine. Please rate and comment so i can make it better.

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