Introduction: Invisible Bookshelf

I wanted a bookshelf for my bedroom for a while, and then I saw invisible bookshelfs here at instructables (link can be found here), but as I usually don't keep the book that I already read next to me (I hate reading the same book twice), I realised that the L brackets would be visible, removing the "invisible" from "invisible bookshelf", so , I made it better using two threaded rods stuffed inside the book, making the fixations completly invisible.

Step 1: The Materials

For this project you need the following items:
- An old book that you dont mind wrecking;
- Two pices of threaded rod (mines aren't really threaded rod, they are usually bent to secure zinc tiles, but threaded rod does the same);
- Two brick bushings for the threaded rod;
-  Some glue.

Step 2: Preparing the Book

For the book, jus grab an x-acto and cut slots in the pages (mine had thick pages, but they were only 7, so it was easy). Don't cut all the pages, only the ones you need to create a hole for the threaded rod. Then glue all the pages with your favourite glue. I tried to drill the hole, but I ended up cutting grooves for 2 reasons:
- 1st The drill bit is too short to cut long grooves (the longer they are the more heavy duty the shelf is);
- 2nd It's very hard to cut the slot straight.
Now just cut the rod to lenght.

Step 3: Mounting the Invisible Bookshelf

To fixate the shelf into the wall, we take 5 steps:
1st - Drill two holes in the wall;
2nd - Stuff the bushings in the holes;
3rd - Thread the threade rod in the bushings;
4th - Pour some glue in the book's holes and make sure it covers the entire holes;
5th - Stick the rods in the book's holes and lean the book against the wall.

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