Introduction: IoT Enabled Solar Power Harnessing (intel IoT)

This project is about harvesting the power of sun using IoT.

Basically the solar panels communicate each other about which of it's configuration is giving more power output and then all the other panels follow the configuration generated by the best solar panel. This project is done as part of Intel IoT Roadshow, Banglore.

Step 1: Configure Your Edison

This project uses an Intel Edison board as the control model and for publishing the monitored values to the network.

We used basic Yocto Linux came with Edison board and used python script as the language for Edison. A could server is written in nodejs and deployed locally.

MQTT broker is also deployed locally in the edison for fast communication among the panels.

You can connect you controlled voltage output (max 3.3V) to any analog pin and configure it in python code.

Step 2: Setup Your Server

The cloud server for this project is written in nodejs.

Other than the basic packages, we used MQTT client library. Dygraph is used for frontend plotting.

Just download the source code and unpack it to any folder. run node server.js

Now point you browser to localhost:8080/map.html to get the realtime view

Step 3: Codes and Pics

The python script can be downloaded from

Here are some pics