Introduction: LinkIt One : Adding an EPaper Display

This instructable shows how to interface SHARP LCD ePaper display with LinkIt One. Even though many arduino modules for Sharp LCD module is available, I'm using TI's LCD Booster pack for this demo. Also, I've adapted the LCD library from Energia(Primarily to be used with TI uCs) to work with LinkIt One. This is nocely wrapped into a library "ePaper" for LinkIt One.

One thing to notice is that this library still doesn't support VCOM toggling, hence if you are not updating your LCD display it may be affected with biasing effect. Updating at a rate of 5 sec gave me a decent result.

Things Required

  1. LinkIt One
  2. TI LCD Boosterpack
  3. Male to Male Jumper wires - 6
  4. 10 mins time ;)

Step 1: Connecting the Display

TI's LCD module comes in nice 20 pin layout with female connectors. Since the display is working in 3v3, there is no need for voltage converters.

Physical wiring is as follows :

LCD Booster Pack Pin        | LinkIt One Pin
VCC(1)                      | 3v3 
LCD Enable(5)               | D5
SPI_CS(6)                   | D6
SPI_CLK(7)                  | D13
SPI_SIMO(15)                | D11
GND(20)                     | GND

Step 2: Uploading Your Sketch

Once hardware connection is over, you can plug the board into your PC and upload the sketch.

Please find attached the sketch.

Upon reset, It will display a splash screen with "LinkIt One" for 10 sec and another 10 sec it will run an animation.

This will continue in loop.

Step 3: Demo

This video shows a demo of this project.

Happy Making,