Introduction: Iot Weather Station

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Hello Guys Iam Writing This Instructable To Show You How To Make A Iot Based Weather Station

Which Uses Wemos D1 Mini Board & Uses 128×68 Oled Display To Show The Details Of Weather , Temperature From OpenWeather Map

Step 1: Parts Required

Step 2: Making

Refer The Schematics Before Wiring So It Would Be More Easier

Use Small Wires Or Cut The Jumper Wires Into Shorter Length So That It Can Fit In The Enclosure . Once The Wiring Is Completed Stick The Oled Display To The 3D Printed Enclosure Then Fix The Wires Properly Inside , Use Some Adhesive Or Hot Glue To Fix The Parts Properly Into The Case , Then Close The Enclosure With The Back Plate The 3D Printed Enclosure STL File Can Be Downloaded From The Last Step Of The Instructables . Keep In Mind To Make Sure To Use Small Wires As Possible To Reduce A

Step 3:

Open The Arduino Code And Select The Com Port & Board Name

Then Under Boards Manager Type Esp8266 library , Then Click To Install The Esp8266 Board Library into Arduino IDE

After That Install The SSD1306 Oled Library , Json Library , Esp8266 Weather Library . Once It's Done Restart The Arduino IDE , Open The Arduino IDE go to Files Examples Esp8266 weather Station Demo After Selecting The Right Board Name & Com Port Then Open The OpenWeather Map Register For A New Account & Then Copy The API and Paste It In The Arduino Code Then Also Find the City Code , After That Type The Wifi Name & Password Then Hit Upload To Flash The Code To Wemos D1 Board

Step 4:

This Is How You Can Make Your Own Weather Station Which Can Show Time , Date, Weather

Step 5: Files & Documents .

3D Printed Closure :--

Circuit Diagram :--

OpenWeather Map:--

Install ESP8266 Package :--

Weather Station Library

SSD1306 Oled Display

Json Streaming Parser

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