Introduction: Iphone 7 Headphone Holder

Among the many reasons of why the Iphone 7 irritates me, the headphones given were perhaps the worst one. In the Iphone 6, apple included a convenient and portable headphone holder for their users, but in their iphone 7 models, they removed that portability. I decided to make a small, cozy, and useful design that would hold my headphones and rid me of tangled cords.

All we will need for this design are 1/8" plywood, wood glue, and a laser cutter.

Step 1: Prepare Illustrator File

We will prepare a simple design in illustrator that practically mimics the iphones 6's headphone case. We will make our design circular and have a single slit that will fit the the diameter of the headphone cord. Make sure that there is enough space, while still being a snug fit. If the slit is too tight, then the cord could possibly tear. If its too loose, then our design will be useless.

Step 2: Laser Cut It!

Next, we will laser cut our design. Make sure you are satisfied with the cut on the plywood and that the slit is to your liking. Our design is simple and flexible, so any other adjustments can be done either in Illustrator or on the laser cutter by changing the laser intensity.

Step 3: Assembled

With our pieces, we can sand then before assembling. Afterwards, we can use woodglue too merge each piece. For our convenience, you can use a clamp to secure each piece in place and ensure a snug fit. Make sure that there is no excess glue. This adds to the aesthetic.

Step 4: Customize

WOOH! Now we are done. Feel free to take some snazzy photos with your new headphone jack, and now be free of any future cord tangles. Something I really enjoy about this design is that when the headphones are in use, the iphone holder can function as a small hand toy, similar to a fidget spinner. Also, since this design is so general, we can extend it a myriad of structures. In this instructable, we used a circular design, but you could easily modify it to have another shape or entirely different structure. The key components are having a place to hold the earbuds and some type of mechanism to wrap the cord.