Introduction: Single Spiral CD Rack

My Cd collection has been messily sitting on my bookshelf for a few months, so I wanted to creatively build something that would hold them. I was recently inspired by John Edmark's work, so I began envisioning DNA and helical structures. Thus, I've created a Single Spiral CD rack for all my archaic musics. For requirements, all will will need is 1/8" plywood, a laser cutter, and some woodglue.

Step 1: Preparing Illustrator File

Since most Cds are less than 1/2" thick, I decided to use 1/2" as the spacing for each of the Cds. For each of the platforms, I made them 4"x4", which to be big enough to hold an average sized Cd, but would be hidden, once the Cd is placed on top of it. Also, in order to have evenly spaced spiral, I vector cut a 20 degree line that would act has my outline for glueing.

Step 2: Laser Cut

Next, we will laser cut our pieces. We will need several pieces of plywood to get all our platforms. Each of the spacings will not take up a lot of plywood, but we will need to cut out several copies. Make sure all the settings on your laser cutter are correct, before cutting. We will be using a lot of plywood, so any recuts could be tedious and time consuming.

Step 3: Assemble the Essentials

Now we will begin assembling our Cd rack. I first glued all the spacers together and then proceeded to glue together each platform with a spacer. I used some clamps to ensure that the spacer and platform were glued flush. Every time I glued a piece, I made sure that there was no excess glue, to avoid any aesthetic issues.

Step 4: Test Weight As You Build

One issue with this spiral design is its stability. Since the main point of balance is at an offset platform location, I tested by placing a heavy cd on one of the first platforms. In order to ensure that the entire structure is stable, we need to either complete a full spiral or complete just past a cycle. When all the Cds are on the cd rack, this causes the center of gravity to be positioned right above first platform.

Step 5: Add All Your CDs

Shabam! We've completed the single spiral CD rack. Add all your Cds to the Cd rack. You can glue the Cd rack to a plank of wood like the one in picture to secure the spiral in place. This counterbalances any issues with the spiral being unstable. Merry listening awaits your fortunate ears!