Iron Man 2 Arc Reactor



Introduction: Iron Man 2 Arc Reactor

This instructable is to help you make the iron man 2 arc reactor prop.

List of materials needed:
1. Blue LEDs x24 (as you wish)
2. PVC pipe 3" with cover
3. Wires
4. Plastic covers (you can get from Pringles)
5. A4 paper
6. Plastic sheet (hard)
7. Glue
8. Metallic gray spray paint

1. Xato knife
2. Nails (to make holes for LEDs on the plastic cover)

I would love to have feedbacks on the instructable I've made, so please do comment and feel free to ask questions. And correct me if there's any errors in this instructable.

Step 1: Outer Surface

This is the pattern that you will have on your arc reactor. First, draw some triangles and v-shapes on the plastic sheet and cut it off. You can use google searching perfect triangle. Careful with the cutting.

Step 2: Light Them Up!

This step is joining LEDs on a hard plastic. You can use nails (or whatever that is possible) to make holes for the positive and negative nodes of the LEDs. Next you must join them as in the picture. I placed positive node on the outer side and negative in the inner. And some LEDs are placed in the center and joined by positive and negative wires.

Step 3: Body and Paint

Then the PVC pipe is used in this step. I cut the upper part of the pipe. But I forgot to take photos while I spray. I used metallic grey. The V-shapes and triangle are painted too.

Step 4: Adding the LED Board

Now, the LED board you made will be added to the PVC which is cut. It'll be placed in the centre as in the picture. The plastic board was small so I used some double tapes on its side to hold in.

Step 5: Finalization

Cut the A4 as the size of the pipe. And then cover it on the LEDs. Then using glue, stick the v-shapes and triangle to the surface.

Step 6: Done!

The reactor is now ready and you are now Tony Stark.

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