Introduction: Iron Man Glove

This project consits of two cardboard parts that you wear on your arm. One on your hand and one behind your wrist. When you flick your wrist up the section on your palm lights up to mimic the flight stabilzers and weapons on Iron Man's suit.

Step 1: Making the Hand Assembly Part 1

Cut out a small circle of cardboard that can fit in your palm (Mine has a diameter of 7cm). Start hot glueing the L-wire to the cardboard in a spiral so that it fills up one side of the carboard. It takes a while to get the L-wire glued down in the spiral. Cut out a rectangle of cardboard about 5 by 10 cm in length (you can change it depnding on the size of your hand) and glue the ends to the side of the circle that does not have the L wire on it. This will hold the circle onto your hand. Check if you can slip your hand in the loop formed. You could cut a little space for your thumb on the rectangle.

Step 2: Making the Hand Assembly Part 2

If you have any left over L-wire glue it to the back of the rectangle. Strip the ends of the 2 wires that come out from the L-wire. Make a small rectangle of foil like shown above lay it onto of the positive wire. (The ground usually has grey stripes on it while the postive is just black) Use eletric tape to secure the foil onto the back of the rectangle. Make sure the positive wire is touching the foil when you tape it down because if it is not the circuit will not complete.

Step 3: Making the Bracelet

Cut out a rectangular peice of card board that is around 8 by 22 cm. Then cut out two pieces of velcro that are 7cm in length. Glue these pieces to the ends of the cardboard so you can wear it like a bracelet around you hand. This means that both pieces of velcro should not be on the same side of the cardbaord. Staple the velcro pieces at either end as they might tear off after taking the assembly on and off a few times. You might want to put electric tape on the bits of the staple that stick out on the other side of the cardboard so that you don't hurt yourself. Next attach your battery pack in the middle of the cardboard strip with some tape or glue. Strip both the wires coming out of it. Take the positive wire and tape it to the carboard until it reaches close to the end. Do this on a side with no velcro on the end. Bend the wire 90 degress so that it is perpendicular to the rest of the cardboard strip. Then lift it up slightly. This will touch the foil on the hand assemby completing the circuit and turning on the L-wire.

Step 4: Connecting the Two Sections

Solder together the two ground wires and put electrical tape around the joint. Put on both parts and flick your wrist up. Adjust the positive wire on the braclet so it touches the piece of foil. Load in batteries and turn on the battery pack. Now if you flick your wrist up the L-wire should light up. You are done now, have fun with your Iron Man glove!