Introduction: Iron Man M1 Costume With a $3.08

as you mite have guessed this will not give you movie accurate results, but it is something funny for little kids to make with help from an adult, or fun for adults to mess around in. hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

heres what you'll need:

Welding mask: Free just because my dad gave it to me, crappy ones cost not a lot

Silver metallic Spray paint: $1.59 at dollar store

Cardboard: Free

Duct tape $0 you all have it around the house already

Tap light: $1.49 at dollar store

Card-stock: (optional paper and cardboard may be substituted

Scissors: $0 you all have it around the house already

Cardboard tubes: $0 from recycling. or use up a roll of paper towels

Step 2: Making the Helmet

take your welding mask and remove all the protection parts from the mask. you will not be needing the. this step is important because if you don't remove them, it will look much worse than mine. once you've done that,take your cardstock, or whatever you are substituting for that, and trace the eye slot . the eye sloth it where you see from. OK now sketch out the basic design of the eyes onto the paper inside the sketch of the eye slot. it should look something like the second picture. the third and forth pics are reference pics for the eyes. once you've sketched out an eye template you like, cut it out and tape it to the inside of your welding mask WITH SCOTCH TAPE''''. make sure from the outside the cardstock is as close to the mask as possible. if not, tape it down more. try to keep as much of the tape as possible on the inside of the mask. now on a piece of regular paper draw the shapes needed for the mouth. cut them all out and then trace them onto the roll of duct tape. cut them out and put them on the mask where the mouth should be. make sure its not too high low left or right, and also make sure the mouth isn't to big or small. then take it outside do one layer of silver metallic spray paint from close up and let it dry. when its dry remove the dust tape to reveal the shape of the mouth. color in the mouth with black sharpie if necessary. it should look like the last pic when finished sorry there's so much to read

Step 3: Making the Armour

take two pieces of cardboard that are as big as your torso and duct tape them together so your head can fit through the middle. then go outside and do three layers of metalic silver spray paint on only one side. do it from fully standing up. wait 5 or 7 minutes between coats

Step 4: Making the Arc Reactor

take your tap light and cover the actual light part( the part you push to turn it on) and cover it up with masking tape. spray one coat of silver metallic spray paint from close up and let dry. spray the sides and if you want, the bottom. then duct tape it where the arc reactor should go. it should be somewhere in the chest area, if your not sure, find a pic on google.

Step 5: Making the Gauntlets.

Take your two cardboard tubes and cut them longwise so it will fit on your fore arm. like in the pics. trim it so you can bend your elbow and then do one coat of silver metallic spray paint from up close.

Step 6: Done

now wear silver clothes and go walk around town. if you want you can add leg pieces but if not, your done. can you walk at all? or if you move will you fall? is you alive or dead? are there thoughts within your head? nobody wants you, you just stare at the wall............... da na na na na na na na na na na na da na na na na na na na na na na na. now all there is left to do is to make an awesome iron man movie. if you make this give me pics and if u have questions ask, also please rate and comment
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