Introduction: Iron Man Repulsor (bare) & Arc Reactor

Hello Iron Man fans this is an insrtuctable on how you can make a repulsor and arc reactor for under $50. This is my first instructable so bear with me if it is a little noobish. This was built before i had done the Instructable so bear with me i will try to do this step by step to the best of my ability, and over all it is a fairly simple build. Hope you learn, and hope you enjoy! So I came upon this because i was deciding on what i wanted to be for Halloween and i didn't want to be part of the norm, i wanted to have something that no one else had, so i decided on this, and now i get to share this treat with you. This build in all took me about three days and should take about a day or two. Lets get started!

Step 1: Materials & Tools Needed

Hand Repulsor
- 4-5 Metal Hose Clamps: Lowes= $1-$2 each
(the picture below is of a broken one, these will be used as the main support that go around your arm)

-Miscellaneous wire: recycled/free or at Lowes for very cheap like 30cents a foot.
(you will need a lot of this because it connects the braces together and it lines the repulsor to give it this raw look, the best thing to do is to recycle this from old electronics like old extension cords! or old clock radios or an old computer that you don't use)

-Metal Sheet: Lowes $6
(you can get this at lowes its about a 2x2.5 foot sheet of iron or alluminum used to decorate doors and such)

-Craft Foam: Michaels or Joann's $1 - $3 
(need this for the hand strap)

- 1 tap light: 99 cent store $1
(you can get these from the 99 cent store! used for the hand repulsor)

- Some Bendy Wire: Lowes 30 cents
(this is used for support of the hand strap, you may already have some laying around the house, the wire should not be flimsy, but nice and bendy like a stronger twist tie.)

Chest Arc Reactor
-Cheap Battery Operated Lamp: Dollar Tree/ 99 cent store $1
(this is the light source for the reactor, its an LED lamp that runs on AAA batteries. the lamp is normally orange or yellow in color)

-Copper Wire: Lowes $3
(coil of copper wire used for crafts and stuff)

Chair Leg Cover: Lowes $2-$3
(go to Lowes and use the product number in the picture below, these are used for outdoor chairs so they don't scratch the floor/ground)

Table Umbrella Replacement Ring: Lowes $2-$3
(these are used to hold an umbrella in place for an outdoor table, use the product number below at Lowes, they'll find it for you. This is used to diffuse the light)

-Positive and Negative wire: Lowes 30 cents a foot
(used to rewire the light)

-Electric tape

-Altoid Container

- 9 Volt Battery
( the square ones for clock radios and smoke detectors)

-Hot Glue Gun
-Shears (to cut the metal)
-Soldering Iron
-Screw driver
-Wire Cutters
-Dremel (optional in case your shears cant cut the metal sheet)

Step 2: Arm Repulsor

1. You will need to cut two strips of metal from the sheet. they should be about an inch and a half thick and 9.5 inches long. make them rounded on both ends so you don't cut yourself. 

2. arrange and tighten the 3 hose clamps to you comfortability.

3. Hot glue one of the metal supports to all 3 of the clamps. Then Hot glue the other clamp to the other side.

4. Start attaching wire to the inside of the brace, not too much bot not to little. Cut the wire to size and glue it to all three clamps. make it raw as possible by braiding, intertwining etc. 

5. then save 2 wires that are fairly long about 15 inches, this will connect the hand strap to the brace.

6. Now take the 4 hose clamp and attach it to the brace by using misc. wire, this will allow your freedom of movement, and connects your fore arm brace to you lower bicep.

*if you would like you can line the undersides of the clamps with cloth of tame to make it a little more comfortable, otherwise wires and the dry hot glue might irritate you and to make it have a cleaner finish.

7. now for the strap cut two rectangles about 10 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. then take your bendy wire and glue it in between the two strips of craft foam and there you have your strap, bend and fold it to you likings. Then take the tap light and hot glue that onto the strap, use a generous amount you don't want it falling off. then with the 15 in wire that you saved connect that to the very rear of the brace/ the last clamp so that it goes through the entire forearm brace. then attach that to the strap with the light and your nearly finished.

Step 3: Chest Arc Reactor

1. take the light and take off the plastic part over the LED lights.

2. take the umbrella ring and cut in between the two flaps so that you have just one disc.

3. Now take the copper wire and cut it into 10 equal strands. 10 strands at about 5-6 inches long. Start wrapping the wire around the umbrella ring in equidistant from each other shown in the picture below.

* now u can paint all of the lamp black instead of having it the bright color. i covered mine in black electric tape.

4. Now take the lamp (without the plastic cover) and place the chair leg cover/ diffuser and place it in the middle of the circle. Take the umbrella ring that has the copper wrapped around it and put that around the diffuser. now take a piece of foil from a foil pan and cut out a circle with 3 prongs, to add decoration and place that in the middle. refer to picture below to see how it should look. Now hot glue all of the pieces in, when you are satisfied with how it looks.
*instead of using a piece of foil you can use a washer that goes in a sink faucet nozzle, kinda looks like a circular net the size of a dime.

5. now that all the pieces are glued in you can keep the lamp altogether and hide it under a shirt or you can re wire the entire set up so that it has a on/off button and so that you can hook it up to a 9 volt battery.

if you would like to go ahead and re wire the light go to the next step, if not your pretty much finished and can customize it to how you like it.

Step 4: Rewiring the Arc Lamp

*******before soldering, it is a good idea to test the connections using the electric tape so you know which wire correctly connects to which wire.

1.take apart the battery housing from the bottom of the lamp.  on/ off button, see below for picture.

2. now you need to get a 9 volt connector to be able to run the light, you can get these at radio shack or you can get it from a clock radio that you have lying around. now connect the connector wires to the button by soldering and the other wire to the correct connector wire. then connect the other connector wire to the button.

3. now solder the connector wire to the two lamp wires correctly. and the reactor should be up and running, test it and make a few adjustments and make sure you are satisfied with your soldering job, then cover the soldered wire with electric tape to protect the connection.

4. to make the housing for the battery all you have to do is make a slit in one end of the altoid container, place the battery in, and feed the wire out through the slit. You are ready to go! you can paint or cover the container with some tape to give it a better look and your set.

Step 5: Final Touches

Add some finishing touches to your liking and you are now finished! You can use it for your Halloween costume or use it as a movie prop, or even walk around your neighborhood at night and see the reactions you get. Thanks for viewing my instructable, hope you had fun making this build and hope you learned a bit too.
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