Introduction: It Can Be a LONG Wait at the Pharmacy...

Big pharmacies like Kaiser's have a system where once you go in, you have to wait interminably for your name to appear on a light-up board. When it does, that means your prescription has been prepared and you now have permission to wait in a new way, to go stand in a long line to be given it.

For the horror and amusement of incoming drug seekers, plant a life-sized skeleton in the waiting room.

Step 1: Wait for Staff to Appear. Watch to See What Happens.

(The aide studiously ignores this patient's dwindling condition...)

Step 2: Wait for Patients to Arrive...

Sidle up to each person. 'How long have you been waiting so far?' you can ask.
Then take bets on whether that person's meds will arrive on time...
Mwa ha ha ha ha!
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