Introduction: Itch-B-Gone

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Those mosquitos, right? The buzzing is annoying enough... but the itching after they get you is just the worst. And there are other nasty bitey beasties too. Some people say itching is harder to deal with than pain!

That's why we're making some high-quality Itch-B-Gone. It works as well as the commercial stuff at a fraction of the price! Curious? Then read on...

Step 1: What We Need

First of all, this is what we need:

  • A small bottle of hand sanitizer, with aloe vera if you can get it. Check your local sources of cheap crap. Dollar tree, Poundland, Euroland, T€dy, Action, what have you. My bottle is 60 ml. I got two for € 0,79.
  • A bottle of ammonia.
  • Some mint oil. And/or, but both is best:
  • Some tea tree oil.
  • Optionally: a label.

Now these are the active ingredients in the mixture we'll be making:

  • Ammonia: Has long been known to eliminate itchiness from bug bites. Ask any grandmother.
  • Alcohol, from the hand sanitizer. Desinfects the bite, has a pleasant cooling effect, makes the liquid dry fast.
  • Aloe vera, from the same source. Soothes, and leaves your skin soft.
  • Tea tree oil: all by itself, this already reduces itching. And it desinfects and smells nice.
  • Mint oil: lingering cooling effect, nice scent.

Oh, and we'll also need:

  • At least one angry, red, itchy bug bite. Does not need to be fresh, but needs to itch like a very very itchy thing.

Safety precautions:

  • Do not sniff the bottle of ammonia. The vapours can be harmful.
  • Make sure not to get undiluted ammonia on your skin. If you do, wash immediately with water.
  • If you find it difficult to pour the ammonia without spilling it, use a funnel.

Step 2: What We Do

Here comes the only part of this recipe that hurts:
Squeeze out 1/5 of the hand sanitizer. Because we need room for the other ingredients. Maybe you can clean something with it?

Now add ammonia. 1 part of ammonia for every 4 parts of hand sanitizer. I did not measure, I eyeballed it. And so can you, because you're smart like that.

Now add 10 drops of mint oil.

Finally, add 5 drops of tea tree oil, close the bottle and shake well, untill the gel is fully dissolved. The liquid will get cloudy and lose most of its viscosity.

Step 3: What We Have

Well well well! What do we have here? It's a very effective itch-eliminating concoction to help you deal with bug bites. Just apply with your finger and allow to dry (which will happen real fast).

If you have the option to reduce the amount of poison inside the bite, do that first.

Of course, it's a good idea to remove the label and add one of your own, to avoid confusion and show off your cleverness.

Enjoy the outdoors, try to avoid getting bitten... but if it happens anyway, no worries! You have Itch-B-Gone!

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