Introduction: — Shows Your “need/giving” of Help at Your Mailbox-slot or Window #coronacrises —Is a communication tool to engage with the analog local environment. This got develped esspacially for the corona-crises in order to link people and inspire and encourage to take responsibilty and bring support into the society in our direct neighborhood.

It's urgently needed to facilitate the insolation of risk groups. There we need to come up with new infrastructure to support eaother.

—A Symbol/Poster is allowing us to offer or request help.

—Additional Poster is making a specification possible.

—Postings at the own post box or the own window.

—Please be aware of the daily hygiene regulations.

—Its helpful to share this via social media. Print poster via the website/PDF. Maybe we even find newspapers to print templates to cut out or create a flyer order to reach our offline seniors.

What is needed/ how to get the poster?

Interent / white paper / Printer


white pager / brush / black ink


A cooperative newpaper publisher to publish a gut out tempalte.

Show your “need/giving of help" at your mailbox-slot or window.

Feel free to share our move =)





Step 1: Window-Poster–Step 1: Visit the Website and Download the Main-Window-Poster Pdf

The Main-Poster indicates if you want to "give" oder "need" help ..Depents on in which direction you are hanging this poster.

Poster PDF

Step 2: Window-Poster–Step 2: ...(optional Download the Add-on-Window-Poster Pdf at the Website)

The Add-on poster are you want to make your request or offer more specific.

This poster comes together with main-poster at our window at home. Make your passing people can see the post.

Need/Give support with...

–Groscery shopping


–Children care


–Car transfer

–online coffee session


Step 3: Window-Poster–Step 3 : Print

Print the size you want the poster.

Its black and white

Step 4: Window-Poster–Step 4 : Add Your Contact and Hang

Add your contact infos (facebook, instagram or phone-number) depending in which direction you want to hang the poster.

Make sure you hang the posters good visible that passing people can see the post at your window.

Step 5: Mail-Box-Poster–Step 1 — Download the PDF

Mailbox PDF

Step 6: Mail-Box-Poster–Step 2 — Print

Step 7: Mail-Box-Poster–Step 3 — Add Info and Fold

Depends if you "give" or "need" help fill out the correct side of the print.

Fold the page in the middle.

Step 8: Mail-Box-Poster–Step 4 — Hang in the Slot of Your Mailbox

Step 9: Poster–Step 1 — DIY

Paper and ink helps your to paint the sign for help by yourself.

Step 10:—Newspaper Poster

Try to convinse a local newpaper to write an artical about the value of a helping and conscious society.

And ask them to print the template for self cutting out in their pages.

Espacially for older people without printer and internet this is an important way of distribution. This is the group of the people we need to support and insolate most.