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I am first going to tell you a little about myself. I am 11 years old, so I technically don't make the cut but, I thought this was a really cool idea, and I thought it would be fun to do and maybe help. Lets say I get the 500 dollars, I would donate it to Holyoke Pediatrics. My mother is the president there, and this year has been hard for her. the money would really help with her business.

Step 1: The Front

I had 2 tall buildings. The biggest one has 3 floors, the first has a seating area, with lockers and a check-in desk, and a door to the pool. The second floor has an indoor basketball court, and the third is a workout area with a couple machines and weights and a big mirror and some exercise mats. The building next to it has a pool and two tiny hot tubs. In the front, there is a ramp for people in wheelchairs.

Step 2: Blue Print (top)

This is a blue print of the top area. You can see the mats, the mirror, the weights, and the exercise machines, and you can see the pool, benches, and hot tubs.

Step 3: Blue Print (side)

This is showing you all the floors, the pool room is the same, but you can see:

First floor: Check-in+lockers+couch

Second floor: Indoor basketball court for pick-up games

Third floor: Nice big workout area

Step 4: Back

Here you will see:

1. the parking lot

2. tennis courts

3. track field

4. small football field

5. basketball court

Step 5:

The reason why I added things like pools, and basketball courts, and tracks, is because people can be on all different levels when they get hurt, so just walking can be a challenge. That's why the track helps. And then basketball is a fun sport, something you can do to just fool around with your pals, but it still gets your body moving. And then the pool, it does 2 things, helps you cool off after a long day for exercise, and helps you exercise. It takes a lot of muscle and endurance to go back and fourth on the pool, and it will really help athletes, because you need endurance for all sports, especially your first game back after an injury, because nothing is as crazy and tiring as a sport, so you have to be ready. But exercise doesn't have to be painful! You can add in things like Zumba classes, or obstacle courses, something that gets your blood flowing, but is still fun.

Thank you for reading!

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