Introduction: Jack Skellington Spider Snowflake Ornament

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Year's ago, I made a version of Jack Skellington's spider snowflake that you could fairly easily cut out of paper that was folded once. The real snowflake design in the movie is unrealistic as it could only possibly be cut out as one piece, and not as a folded over snowflake so my previous version isn't exactly right, but it's just for fun. Now that I have a nice Silhouette paper cutting machine, I decided to cut it out more like in the movie. And while I was at it, I decided it would make a nice, simple ornament for my tree!

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Step 1: Supplies

If you want, all you really need is cardstock, scissors, and string, but you will need to cut it out by hand.


  • Silhouette Portrait or Cameo - I'm making this with the paper cutter, but if you really wanted to, you could cut this out with scissors or Exacto knife. More information in the next step.
  • White Cardstock
  • Mod Podge - both matte or glossy would work, it's all a matter of preference
  • Foam Brush - for applying glue
  • Wax Paper - for gluing
  • Ornament Hook or String - this is for hanging and you could use just about anything, a paperclip could work too.

Step 2: Paper File

For this, it was a matter of copying the snowflake that you see Jack hold up in the movie. As you can see, it is not in any way symmetrical. After finding a rough silhouette, I spent a bunch of time making it match as much as possible focusing on getting the head right and making sure the arms all came out of the main body.

I've attached the silhouette file that has a big spider that can be resized and two smaller ones that already have a hole for hanging.

If you are interested in printing it off, just let me know the size of the snowflake you want and how many and I can create a PDF for you.

Step 3: Cut

If you have a silhouette, just send it to it and cut them out! I ended up doing 1 big, 2 medium, and 3 small. If you are going to make ornaments, I suggest you cut out at least 2 to glue together; 3 or 4 is better.

Careful when you remove it from the mat.

Step 4: Gluing

To help make it more stable, you are going to glue multiple together.

Make sure you line them up as it is not symmetrical so they can only go together one way. Once you have them glued together, paint a layer of mod podge on the whole outside and let it dry. I hung it from a string so it wouldn't stick to anything.

If it is warped, let it dry and then put it between two pieces of wax paper and flatten it under something heavy and flat.

Step 5: String It Up

Once it is dry and flat, you can either put an ornament hook on it or string and hang it on your tree! You can also stick them to your wall for decoration. I did that with the big one.

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