Introduction: Jack-o'-Lantern of Lights

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Jack-o'-Lantern of Lights

This year I thought I'd try something different. Instead of putting the light inside the jack-o'-lantern I thought I'd make the lights part of the jack-o'-lantern. It's fairly easy to do and requires much less dexterity than wielding a knife to carve features into a pumpkin.

Step 1: Materials


You will need:

Pumpkin for carving into your jack-o'-lantern

Sets of Electric Lights. I used 20 light, 120Vac light sets that were 5ft total length. (Dollar Tree) The number of sets of lights you need depends on the size of your pumpkin and the amount of detail you want to illuminate. I used two sets (34 lights of the 40). You could use a battery-powered LED light string, if you don't have 120Vac nearby. I tried both orange and purple lights.

Electric drill and 5/16" drill bit. That's the size of drill bit that worked for me and the lights I was using.

Step 2: Carve and Drill Your Pumpkin

Start by cleaning out your pumpkin in the traditional manner.

However, when it comes time to carve the features in the jack-o'-lantern use the drill to drill holes instead. Drill holes in the outline of what your would have carved. It may be helpful to draw the features on the pumpkin first.

Step 3: Wire Up Your Electric Jack-o'-lantern

Start inserting the individual lamps into the holes you've drilled. Be careful as the lamps are glass and you don't want to break them. Start at the holes at the bottom of the jack-o'-lantern and work toward the top.

Cut a slot at the back of the lid to allow the wires to exit.

Step 4: Light It UP!

Plug the jack-o'-lantern in and light up its smile!


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