Jalapeno Bombs

Introduction: Jalapeno Bombs

No sissy cream cheese in these. With just enough heat to make your ears tingle, these bacon wrapped jalapeno bombs are sure to please. Perfect for an appetizer or side at your next BBQ.

  1. Jalapenos
  2. Chopped yellow bell pepper
  3. Chopped red onion
  4. minced fresh garlic
  5. shredded mild cheddar jack
  6. Sliced corned beef
  7. sliced pastrami
  8. pepperoni
  9. mesquite seasoning
  10. your favorite pork rub
  11. bacon
  12. your favorite bbq sauce (we use a very hot one we had from a rib festival here in town)
Other items needed:
  1. smoker or grill
  2. charcoal
  3. wood (we used oak chunks and a handful of mesquite chips)
  4. paring knife
  5. spoon
  6. mixing bowl
  7. cutting board
  8. tin foil
On a side note, some pictures may be upside down. They were uploaded from a mobile phone. We apologize if this causes any confusion.

Step 1: Prep

As with any good recipe, there is some minor prep work to be done. We only made 4 of these, so your quantities may differ. we used the leftover items for other meals, but for four only used about 1/4 of one onion, 1/4 of one bell pepper, and one clove of garlic, and a small quantity of each other ingredient. the following prep is enough for four jalapeno bombs.
  • Using your paring knife, slice one side off the pepper ( a little less than half) leaving a hole in the side. make sure to leave the stem in tact, just cut the side of the pepper. Save any pieces of the peppers for later steps.
  • Use a spoon to clean out the membrane and seeds. set the guts aside for later also.
  • Chop up the yellow pepper and onion, and mince the garlic
  • Cut up two slices each of the pastrami and corned beef, and about 10 peperoni slices.
  • Finely chop two of the sides taken from the jalapenos (For extra heat, chop up some of the membrane as well. More membrane more heat!)
  • In a mixing bowl, combine a handful of cheese, chopped onion, bell pepper, minced garlic, chopped jalapenos (and membrane if you want heat), about 1 tsp of mesquite seasoning, pastrami, corned beef, peperoni and 1 oz. of your favorite bbq sauce. Mix well.

Step 2: Building a Bomb

  • Stuff the mixture into the hollowed out jalapenos, being careful not to rip them. Stuff them as full as you can.
  • Wrap one piece of bacon around each one, completely covering the jalapeno
  • Sprinkle your favorite pork rub on top
Easy right? Now time for some smoke!

Step 3: Smoking the Bomb

  • Fire up the smoker (or the grill, using indirect heat)
  •  When the coals become white, place three good sized chunks of wood on top. (we used oak, and a handful of mesquite chips)
  • Put ice water in the water pan to regulate the temp if you are using a vertical smoker.
  • When the smoke coming out is a light almost transparent blue, (about 5-7 minutes) you are ready to smoke some bombs
  • Fold foil into a small tray for the jalapenos
  • place the tray, with the jalapenos on it on the smoker (or grill)

We did these at the same time as the Porkinator, so our temp was roughly 225-250 degrees for about two hours.

Remove and devour! Goes great as an appetizer for the Porkinator and Potato Bombs!
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    10 years ago on Step 3

    If you put some tooth picks through the bacon and the jap it will hold the bacon in place so it won't slide off when you go to take them off the smoker. Just a saying....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    years before poppers were popular, my grandfather stuffed hot sausage into cherry peppers and fried them, fast forward to present and I use jalapenos and habaneros but I don't slice them in half, just cut off the top and stuff the filling in, I usually use a combo of browned sausage and shredded chedder , minched shrimp or crab or pulled pork. Your pastrami, corned beef and peperoni slices sounds like a great alternative. I've always either panfried or roasted the peppers, I'll have to try them on the smoker