Introduction: Jamaican Curry, Cajun & Chipotle C3 Steak

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Here is the dish that set off this Jamaican Cajun Fusion fury I've been on in recent weeks. I've had a hunch for a few years that they'd make a good mix, so when seeing this content a few weeks ago I figured for this 'open invention' website I'd finally give it a go and see if anything worthy might come from it.

With Cajun / Creole food I know well their two respective powders, and have once made a monster batch awesome gumbo (the right way). With Jamaican foods I know extremely well their Curry powder (best in the world) and Jerk Chicken.

For the first experiment I went with this combination: Jamaican Curry, Cajun & Chipotle. This first combination, on beef, from all the current work so far, is by far the easiest to make and the most strikingly awesome tasting thing from my Jamaicajun excursion. About 50 people have all tasted it and all had strongly positive reactions including "OH MY GOD" and "Oh, HE DID IT OH HE DID IT". I even blew away a Jamaican with it. I will say the only way to top it so far has been to use this simple beef recipe in fancy formulas such as in "Jamaicajun Chipotle Rib & Ribeye Stuft Peppers" and "No-Dough Easy BBQ PIZZA Jamaicajun Style". To me this is the best stuff I've ever tasted despite being in a unique position as a spice trader and exotic edible plants cultivator and dealer.

The 3 key ingredients are Jamaican Curry Powder, Cajun Powder and Goya Mojo Chipotle sauce. All can be found at any Latino / Hispanic grocery market, or online in various web stores not limited to my own including sites like ebay. I suppose other sorts of chipotle products could be used, but I feel you'll want it to be a sauce to help interface & lubricate the two powder blends together. I suppose I have to backtrack soon and do some tests without the chipotle sauce, or as a sauce. What I can say for now is you'll blow away any party, with this C3 steak, and win most any hometown food throwdown with this as the main element.

I've made this several times now over the past couple weeks, but only this most recent one has detailed step photos. When serving as a ribeye steak I like to top with jalapenos and cheese, served over cucumbers. Ribeye has been my ideal thing I make for about 15 years seasoned with all sorts of different spice combinations for Montreal to Chili powders. Even though I've been topping them with jalapenos & chedder for over a year, nothing I've done before now comes close to this C3 Trifecta...

UPDATE: I've since made "C4: Curry Cajun Chipotle Chicken", and the results were disappointing. It's not to say its bad, but it just simply isn't there. The synergy just doesn't happen on the white chicken meat. A similar comparison is Jerk chicken: there's an intense flavor synergy that occurs during cooking between the Jerk and the chicken, where on beef its as if you didn't even use it. So while this doesn't taste anything like Jerk, C3 on beef is a sure way to get Jerk+chicken like explosive results, that serves well with either Jamacain or Cajun food, as well as standing all alone it can carry the occasion.

Step 1: Basically

Powder with Cajun, powder with curry, throw on grill, add chipotle and cook.

Each time you powder flip so it sticks. The rule of spice is: coarse grained spices go first, or the fine ones will rob all the sticky surface area. Powder, flip, powder flip, powder flip and powder flip. With the sauce you'll want to add it each layer once you get to the grill. so that in the plate it doesn't smear off your new spice blend.

Now cook. When nearing completion I add the jalapeno layer, let cook a minute to let them heat up, and then I go over that with the cheese layer. Done! On this page the cheese is Mozzarella, a stray from my usual Cheddar.

The cucmbers is the easiest. SImply chop into pan, a little olive oil, and those 2 Sazon packets, and a little water. Cook for 5 minutes or so (be sure not to overcook).

Then I like to serve the steak right on top of the cucumbers, as I eat them together on fork with each bite. Although, for the most dramatic flavor effects, I hate to say it, try the steak alone without any cucumbers or sides as I did the first time.

Step 2: Cucumbers

Step 3: Literally

On this page the photos are from the third time I did C3 on beef.

This time I wanted to try and make the chipotle sauce stick better to the meat so I went over it with some Parmesan Cheese, and then couldn't resist adding Garlic Powder. The idea was to establish a whole second layer of spice-able surface area with the Mojo. I'd say it worked quite well, but with that topped over the cucumbers it takes the flavors in another direction away from the simple steak or the meat that went into the Stuft Peppers. It's not to say its a bad direction, as the dish on this page was right up there with some of my best I've had, it's to say in making Stuft Peppers again I'd do it more of the same as I did the meat in that Instructable.

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