Introduction: James Delvin Gym by Derrick Lai

This is Derrick, 13 years old, currently have a pre-engineering class. This class has taught me how to use Tinkercad and make this model. This representation of a gym took me a while to perfect it and publish it to this contest. I put in a lot of hard work into this and would like for everyone to see. My inspiration came from a popular youtube, named MonsterKook (, who makes models of houses and buildings using cardboard, paper, wood, and much more. I thought that this was a cool way of showing off his architecture in a smaller form. This lead me to create different things online using Tinkercad. Hope you enjoy this work of art! Click Here for the model.


Tinkercad skills

Step 1: Exterior

I first brainstormed what the outside of the gym would look like. I was thinking about a 2 story building with all of the supplies needed to fulfill a gym. After getting ideas, I thought that I would just keep it simple and make a 1 story building with extra areas used for different activities. As you see, the exterior has multiple windows and a glass roof. I wanted a gym with significant natural lighting because it is proven to help people be more productive, happy, and calmer. The back and sides of the building also consists of black, trnasprent, glass panels in order to provide enough light during the day. There are 4 trees to replicate the natural feeling around the gym. To the right of the main part of the gym is a swimming area or pool. I wanted this place to be a relaxing or competitive swimming pool. You can chill and relax there or you can practice on strokes while swimming. Behind the main part of the gym, is an indoor soccer court used for training or even having fun with your friends.

Step 2: Interior/Equipment

For the inside, I first created two rooms, a fitting room and a recovery room. Next, I made a boxing ring, shown in the pictures above, because this is a really great way of training all muscles in your body. There are also multiple heavy bags to the right of the ring, also used for exercise and practice. There are a couple of colorful mats on the ground when working on exercises on the floor. The weightlifting area consists of many dumbbells when working on the upper-half of your body. Right next to the weightlifting area are 3 treadmills and it is self-explanatory when using them. Last but not least, is a mini rock-climbing section with a soft cushion at the bottom, if you fall. Not many gyms have a rock climbing exercise, so I decided to include one.

Step 3: Swimming Area / Pool

The swimming area is made up of a large pool where people can practice on swimming. There are 4 lanes, separated by 3 buoys, and there are also 4 diving boards for each lane. The 4 showers behind the diving boards are used for a quick rinse after a great session of swimming.

Step 4: Indoor Soccer

This is a small soccer court within the gym used for multiple activities. You can train and exercise or play a casual game of soccer while staying inside.

Step 5: Conclusion

Thank you for your time viewing this model for James Delvin's Gym. This is my first time competing in a contest like this one. And good luck to the other contestants.


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