Introduction: James Develin's Gym Design by Chad

When I started to create the gym I wanted there to be a room with terrain so that James Develin could either choose to work out in a grass environment or in a normal gym. Also I decided that there should be clear doors cause it just made the gym look better. I wanted to try and make the gym look different and more like a gym that you could chill in with friends and play soccer or games in the grassy field or work out hard in the gym like area. Every single thing is made by myself and took long hours to complete.

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Gym

I started with the base, added walls around, and then started adding gym materials to make it look nice. This gym looks like a regular gym which was what I was going for to make it look mostly normal. Everything is hand made by me the weights, the treadmills, the bathrooms, the training benches you get the idea. Most of the shapes in the gym are rectangular and pointed.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Terrain/grass Room

I wanted James to be able to pick if he wanted to run some laps around the gym room or if he would prefer run around a grassy terrain because he is a retired football player after all so he may want some grass in the gym. The doors are also made of glass so that you can see through the door and what your destination is after you open the door. There are also benches that I made that friends or family can sit on if they want to rest or James can sit on for a break if he needs it.

Step 3: Step 3: Making the Roof

The roof was quite simple to make you take the dimension of each individual room and make the room that dimension then you align it together and the roof fits perfectly you do that for all the room then group the roof so hat it moves in unison instead of individually. This is the last step of making my gym cause after the roof is on there is nothing else to do.

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