Introduction: Japanese Chicken Curry

Hello. Chicken Curry is a very delicious dish that can be found at many restaurants in Japan. This dish is also very popular in Hawaii, California, and all over the United States as it is hot and served over White Rice, and even over noodles, or Chicken Katsu. Let's Go!

Step 1: Ingredients

-5 Chicken Thighs
-5 Potatoes
-1/2 an Onion
-3 Stalks of Celery
-1 Box Japanese Style Curry Sauce Mix
-3 Cups uncooked Rice
-2 1/2 Cups of Water
Optional: Eggs

Step 2: Cooking Rice

Measure 3 cups of rice into the rice pot. Add water into the pot, about an inch from the rice. Wash the rice by mixing your hands in the water and rice. Dump out the floury water. Repeat this two more times. You want it so that it cleans the rice from the flour. Once you are done, make the water level reach the number three on the pot. Then place it in the cooker so that it cooks.

Step 3: Pealing Potatoes and Carrots

Peal the potatoes and carrots completely of their skin. Once you are done, immediately place the potatoes in a bowl full of water because if not, they will turn brown because of the oxygen. Next place the carrots on a plate so they won't be going anywhere.

Step 4: Cutting Potatoes

Medium dice the potatoes, making sure they are all evenly cut. If some are not evenly cut, it might take more time for them to cook, so try carefully. If this is a little confusing, follow images. Repeat on all five potatoes. After, place in a bowl of cold water.

Step 5: Cutting Carrots

The carrots are cut with a technique I call cut-roll. You cut the tip or the carrot, and rotate it a half turn. It should be about or similar to the size of the potatoes. You do not have to cut it this way, you can cut the carrot anyway you like, this is only how I do it.

Step 6: Cutting Celery

Cut off the ends of the celery. Cut a long line along the middle of the celery, about from the end to the other end. Cut it until you get to the strange looking part that looks wild and mangled. Don't cut that part, and throw it away.

Step 7: Cutting Onion

Cut the onion in half. Then cut off the ends. Cut it similarly like how you cut an apple. This is cut like this because not many people like onions, and it is easier so that I won't serve it later. Place it in the bowl of onions.

Step 8: Cutting Chicken

For the chicken, we are using boneless, skinless, chicken thighs. I am using five of the chicken thighs. First cut off all visible fat from the chicken. Repeat this for all six chicken thighs. After removing the fat, cut the chicken into cubes, slightly bigger than the potatoes. After cutting the chicken, throw away all the fat.

Step 9: Frying Onions

For this step you will need to heat the pot to about 7 1/2 heat. You will also need a spoon and a bowl to put your spoon in when not in use. Add 2 teaspoons of oil. Add in the onions, and let them fry for 1-2 minutes until light brown.

Step 10: Adding in Chicken

Add in all the cut chicken to the pot with onions. Let them cook, making sure not to move them around too much in the first couple of minutes. If the chicken is sticking to the bottom of the pot, it's because it hasn't fully cooked on its side. Once it is cooked on it's side, move it so that it is cooking on the other sides. Reduce the heat to medium low.

Step 11: Adding in Vegetables

Drain the water from the potatoes and add them in the pot. Mix it around with the chicken and the onions. Next, add the carrots and mix it in. Also mix in the celery. After you mix all the vegetables, add in 3 1/2 cups of tap room temperature water. Increase the heat, and bring to a boil. Foam will start appearing at the top of the pot, so you will want to remove, or skim the fat. Try to remove all of it, but it's impossible to remove all of it. After that, you may cover with a lid. For a thicker curry, put less water, for a more thin curry, add more water. After you cover the pot, let it simmer on low heat so that the vegetables may soften.

Step 12: Adding in Curry Sauce Mix

Open your curry mix and break it up by cutting it. Now add it in and stir until it is melted. Don't stir vigorously or the vegetables will break.

Step 13: Done

Congratulations! You have finished the Chicken Curry. Scoop hot rice into a bowl and serve the curry on top. If you like, add a fried egg on top of the rice and pour the curry on top. I usually do that for breakfast and it just tastes delicious. Thank you for cooking with us and if you'd like, request a recipe you'd like to see in the future. I'll try to make it. ITADAKIMASU!
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