Introduction: Japanese Cuisine Crispy Tempura/ Deep Fried Vegetable and Seafood

About: Hi, I was born and raised in Japan. I currently live in Canada. Please enjoy my recipe! Please check my YouTube channel. Thank you!


Please enjoy my recipe!

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Step 1: Prepraring

【Ingredients】- Serves 2

4 thick asparagus/ 4 slices Carrots/ 4 pieces Shishitou/ 4 Shiitake mushrooms/ 1 medium eggplant/ 4 black tiger prawn/ Some squid tentacle

【Dipping Sauce】 10×10cm komb/ 200ml water/ 50ml less sodium soy sauce/ 50ml mirin Katuobushi 10g 【Tempura batter】 3/4 cup cake flour/ 2 tbsp potato starch/ 2 pinch of salt/ 150cc Iced water/ 1 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise ** It's better to make batter not too thick and not too thin.

【Topping】 Paper/ Lime/ Grated daikon radish

【Oil】 Add 30% sesame oil to Canola oil.

Step 2: Cut Vegitables

1.Cut off the roots of asparagus.

2.Cut carrot into slices.

3.Cut the eggplant into pieces.

4.Cut off the stems of shishitou and make incisions.

5.Take off the Shiitake mushroom's stems.

6.Cut the lime for topping.

7.Cut the squid into pieces.

8. Grated daikon radish and take off most of the moisture part.

Step 3: Prepare Seafood

1. Peel off the shell of the prawn. Remove black liquid in the tail and remove back of black vein. Cut the underside of the prawn bit and stretch it in the reverse direction not to be rolled up.

2. Cut the squid into pieces.

3. After preparing all ingredients, take off the moisture of all ingredients finished with paper towel and leave it dry.

Step 4: Dipping Sauce

Put the komb into the water and heat until before completely boiling. Then, remove comb. After that, add all the ingredients of the sauce into the water and boil it again. And remove Katsuobush.

Step 5: Crispy Tempura Batter

Put the mayonnaise into a bowl. Pour it slightly with iced water. Then add salt, flour and potato starch. Mix everything together with chopsticks quickly. Don't mix too much.

Step 6:

*Heat the oil to 340F to 35OF. ( To make it nice flavour, I add 30 % sesami oil into canola oil)

*Set aside only flour then shift it to all ingredients. After that, dipping into Tempura batter.

Step 7: Deep Fry!

Deep fry from hard ingredients. ( Temperature of oil normally increases little by little.) To keeping right temperature, sometimes I turn off the power. Frying time / Carrot, eggplant (2min). Asparagus(1.5min). Shishotou(40 sec). Mushroom(1.5 min). Prawn and squid (1.5-2 min)

*Let's serve on a dish!