Introduction: Japanese / Oriental / Asian Inspired Candle Holder

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I wanted to make something special for my mum's birthday present, and after searching for a unique candle holder i realized there wasn't a Japanese / oriental style one.

So i came up with this, a Japanese / Asian / Oriental inspired tea light and incense candle display.

Hope you like it !

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Step 1: Cut Legs

I started by cutting the legs out, after i had the rough cut outs i thought it needed something else, so i tapered the bottom of the legs .

Step 2: Cut Braces

For a contrast in color i cut out stretchers / braces from meranti.

Step 3: Plane

I didn't want to do much sanding so i set my plane up to smooth out the surfaces. I taped the brace / stretcher pieces together do they would be exactly the same size.

Step 4: Wood Burn & Glue Up

For an extra touch i added the Japanese symbol for light on the front stretcher , this was wood burned in.

Next i started gluing up the base, i chose to do this in stages as it was much easier to clamp in parts and the glue everything up.

Step 5: Rip & Cut Body

Now that the base was done, i moved onto the body of the piece, i started by ripping a 2x4 and some more meranti into strips.

Step 6: Glue Up & Shape

Once the strips where planed flat i glued them together to make a tray essentially, once the glue was dried i made a lot of relief cuts and chiseled out some of the body, this gave it a arc shape making it much more interesting than a straight piece of wood.

Step 7: Sand

I then sanded everything at 320 & 500 grit to get a nice glass like feel.

Step 8: Final Glue Up

next i glued the already complete base onto the tray and added some weight while it dried.

Step 9: Finish

As always last the last step is the finish, i used some clear gloss finish, brushing on 5 coats and sanding at 500 grit between coats

Step 10: Add Candles & Insense - Job Done

Thats it - job done.

All i did to finish it off was add the candles and a Buddha ornament that i drilled a hole in to hold incense.

I love how its turned out , and so did my mum so is a win win.

I hope you liked it as well, hopefully its nothing you've seen before.

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