Introduction: Jellyfish Costume DIY

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My hubby decided he wants to be a Jellyfish for Purim [Israeli Halloween] and so with orders from my etsy shops, 2 kids running around the house and one newborn on hand I found myself making a giant Jelly at 3 AM....(thus the a bit dark photos ,sorry about that)
From what I know,this is the only "making a jellyfish costume " photo tutorial on the web.
So here it is, go for it and I promise you'll light up the party for sure!

Step 1: Supplies Needed - 

* Top hat or Sombrero
In Israel Sombrero is not a common hat,so for me top hat it is .Luckily I had one laying around , made it a year ago for another hubby's costume
* Sticky Foam Board
* Bubble Wrap
*Gift wrap stuffing (the shiny kind to reflect light)
* Organza
* Gathered tulle fabric
* Battery Powered LED Lights (You have to use LED because the regular lights get too hot and will melt your costume!)
* Batteries
* Glow Sticks
* Hot Glue / Glue sticks
* Clear Packing Tape
* Scissors
* Exacto Knife

Step 2: Cutting the Shape

Cut the foam board with your exacto knife to a perfect circle
In the middle,cut a circumference of the base of your hat and insert the hat in
Peel of the checkered paper to reveal the sticky side of your foam board

Step 3: Shaping the Jelly

Make a very long tube out of your bubble wrap. Use the clear tape to help the tube to keep it's shape
With your trusty glue gun glue the bubble wrap tube to the sticky side of the foam board climbing upwards creating an ice cream swirl type shape

Step 4: Adding Some BLING

Stuff the gift bag stuffing in all the cracks and add your LED lights in as well
Cover it all with a big piece of bubble wrap- bubbles facing the swirl and the smooth side up

Step 5: Giving It a Shiny Wrap

Cover in all with the organza fabric
Shape legs of the jellyfish out of organza scraps and add additional legs made of shredded bubble wrap
Glue glow sticks onto the bubble wrap legs
Add some gathered tulle all around
And TA DA it's all done
(went to sleep at 5AM ,but who cares, as long as hubs happy I'm happy :P )

Step 6: Finishing Touches

To finish it all,I made a HUGE 6 gore tulle poncho .
But you don't have to . You can just put on white T and skirt/pants on and go ROCK that Halloween party.

Ah, and for that 100% show stopper,don't forget to light up this puppy

Step 7: ​Happy Holidays !!!

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