Jellyfish Pillow

Introduction: Jellyfish Pillow

i like a soft squishy pillow that i can shape and bunch up to make just the right fit. i used to have a feather pillow that worked pretty well but it got old and my dog thought it made a better litter sponge. so i set out to make a replacement.

Step 1: Polar Fleece

i like how polar fleece is soft and warm. i wanted to make a pillow out of this material but wanted something simple too. so i designed a plan for making a pillow shell out of one corner of the piece and then using the rest to be the stuffing.

Step 2: Pillow Corner

by sewing the corner to shape the pillow bag, i made a outline for the size i wanted.

Step 3: Stuffing

folding the excess material to the end of the pillow and stitching it to keep it together. then cutting the excess in strips to keep it fluffy but bunch-able.

Step 4: Pillow!

then folding the pillow shell over the strips, i have a nice soft bunch-able pillow!

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    Ooo very warm and squishy, my favorite combo in a furniture accesorie. I also love the jelly fish look, it's awesome!