Introduction: Paper Jellyfish

My first instructable.

This proyect born in a creativity class where the instruction was to make something 3D with just one piece of paper, we couldn't separated it and it couldn't be something that we already knew how to make. I broke my head until I created this funny structure that then I became it into a jellyfish.
I have just found this papercraft contest and I hope it is not to late for this original proyect.

All you need is (love :3) a pice of paper ( letter), a pencil, scissors, and spray paint (opcional).

Step 1: Spray/drif Until You Like It

This step is optional, you can buy paper that already has a desing or just colour paper, whatever you want to use.

Step 2: Locate the Half Point

On the backs side, locate the half point and mark one cm on each side (Do it on both short sides).
Join the points drawing a line.

Step 3: Mark Every Centimeter

Mark every centimeter on both long sides.
Draw the lines joining the marks

Step 4: Cut

Cut by the line until you get some strips

Step 5: Put Glue on the Tip

Put glue on the tip and join the strips

Step 6: Skip One Strip

Skip one strip and connect the next one with the corresponding strip.

One strip goes under and one goes over the first ring. The side that you decide to goes under, it will always be the same. ALWAYS!

Keep skipping one strip and joining both side's strips,

Step 7: Remember

Remember, one strip goes under, and one goes over. This is very important to remember because it will get harder every next strip.

Step 8: On the Last One

After you connect the last strip, you have to join both sides with some glue.

Choose wich side, you want to be the top.

Step 9: On the Other Side

Fold the strips and push down.

Turn the top up.

Step 10: Curl

Curl the strips the way you want to.

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