Introduction: Jerry Can Holders for FabFours Spare Tire Carrier

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I had a spare tire carrier from FabFours installed on my 2010 Tacoma. Great product, well built, smooth operation. Seemed like there was plenty of room on the carrier for other gear, but FF only offers brackets for the tire, and a mounting post for a whip antenna. I wanted to be able to carry an extra supply of fuel, but outside of the rig.

A standard easily obtainable surplus NATO Jerry Can would seem to fit on either side of the tire, if a way could be found to mount it securely. Could not find a commercial carrier that would mount on the pipe, or hold it perpendicular to the 2 inch diameter pipes.

I seem to do my best thinking at Lowes, so without much of a idea, I wandered thru the hardware isles.

I found some 2 in angle iron, and a plan seemed to come together.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

I used 2 pieces of 2 inch angle iron, each 3 feet long.

metal cutting blade for a band saw, or an angle grinder with a cutoff blade

Stick welder

I used an old piece of fire hose for padding

Over center latches to hold the carrier to the pipe, and secure the jerry can

1" perforated metal strap and a hinge

Step 2: Dimensions

Jerry can dimensions are about 6.5 deep x 13.5 wide x 18.5 tall. I cut the angle iron as shown to leave a little room for expansion and padding. The tray ended up at about 7in x13.75 in. The upright piece was 16.5in. The leftovers were just enough for the brackets that sit over the bars, plus a couple of gussets.

Step 3: Assembly

So I welded up the tray, cleaned it up with an angle grinder, and set it flat on a metal surface. another 7in piece of angle was welded on the rear of the tray to fit over the lower bar. It was just loose enough to fit over the bar and accommodate a layer of fire hose padding. Upright is welded on, and another 2 in bracket welded in place. I cut gussets to strengthen the brackets. The upper bracket is shorter, as the upper pipe bends at that point.

Step 4: Latches

I wanted to be able to lock the gas can. By turning the Jerry can toward the front, a metal strap at a slight angle from the upright to the front holds the can securely. Over center draw latches snug it up and allow locks to be placed.

Step 5: Mirror Image

Since it came together so well, and was relatively straightforward assembly, I made a mirror image for the opposite side, same dimensions. However I decided to use it for a water can, and omitted the metal locking strap, relying on webbing & buckles to secure the can. I notched the tray to accommodate a water spout, and constructed a guard for the spout. It will still fit a standard Jerry Can.

Step 6: Finished Product

The brackets are snug enough on the tire carrier that it requires a few taps with the hammer to seat them, and the draw latches will keep them from bouncing off. A piece of fire hose on the metal strap over the gas can provides some padding, also a convenient place to stash the nozzle.

When I upgrade to larger diameter tires, the can carriers can be shifted laterally an inch or two to accommodate the larger spare.

Thanks for looking!

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