Introduction: Jewellery Packaging Cardboard

I am a student industrial product design and we had to make a cardboard packaging for this command. I have chosen to a cardboard jewelry packaging. Below you can see how I've gone to work.

Step 1: Needed Tools

- Glue gun

- Soldering iron

- Wire-shears

- Tubings

- Battery

- Electric wires

- Cardboard (Waved 2mm)

- LED-strips (2x 20cm)

- Puncher

- Scissor

- Utility knife

- Ruler

- Set-square

- Glass knife

- Lighter

Step 2: Mirror

For the custom cutting a mirror you have a diamond glass knife needed. Notch a scratch on the mirror and break it gently. I use a size of 15 x 15cm.

Step 3: Unfolding/ Fold Up

On the above picture you can see my unfolding. The width and length is 20 cm, the height is 3cm. The lines where I want to fold there I'll a light scratch on cardboard making it nicely on the line folds. Then I glue all fold surfaces to each other with the glue gun.

Step 4: LED-strips

The LED strips to solder I an electric wire to the plus and the minus. Around the LED indicator color I black so that the led Strip is invisible on a black background.

Step 5: Mirror /led Holder

I also make a cardboard holder where the mirror and the leds come through. The holes where the leds come through must I make with a hole puncher.

Step 6: Mount /solderen Led-strips

The LED-strips adhesive I at the right distance from the edge. I solder the rest of the circuit with a switch and a battery. The wires run behind the mirror down so they are not visible.

Step 7: Stick Mirror

Then I paste the mirror on the space provided and clean it. Under the mirror is equipped with a kind of isomo that what the jewelry can be set. You can choose where you wich jewelry wants.

Step 8: Box

To top it all nice to store there is a box where the jewel box in fits and can be put away. The last picture is the full jewelrybox when its closed.