Introduction: Jewellery Stand From a Branch

After cutting down bushes a few weeks ago I saw these branches and I liked the shapes to much to throw them away.

I started thinking how i could use the branches and got the idea to use them as a jewellery holder (not for me though).

It took a few tries to get them as I imagined and here is the result.

Stuff I used:

- branches

- wire brush

- saw

- concrete (cardboard for mould)

- paint + brushes

Step 1: Preparing the Wood

Let the branches dry first. I don't know how long you should let it dry, I started a few weeks after they were cut.

I cut the small branches with regular garden shears and scrubbed off everything I could using a wire brush.

Step 2: Concrete Stand

I made two cuts in the base to make sure the concrete will hold onto the branch.

The mould is made out of thin cardboard and I filled it with concrete. I used concrete that hardens in 15 minutes, but I asume any concrete will do.

When those 15 minutes were over, I took off the mould and let the concrete harden for two more days.

Step 3: Let It Harden

After those two days the concrete was fully hardened and I scrubbed of loose parts with the wire brush.

Step 4: Paint

Next, I covered the stand with a plastic bag and painted the branches white to make the jewellery stand out. Two layers of paint later and after fixing forgotten spots with a smaller brush the jewellery stand was finished!

Step 5: Done!

That's all there is to it!

I hope you found this instructable usefull.


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