Introduction: Jewelry Pegboard (DIY Accessories Included)

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In this instructable I'll show you how I made the pegboard, along with some of the accessories I made for it to hold earrings, necklaces and even flowers. I also made some variations in which such a pegboard could be used to hold your keys / wallet and stuff like that.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment!


1) A plywood board of what-ever size you want.

2) Some wooden dowels.

3) A thin metal wire.

The tools required are a simple saw (I used a jigsaw), a drill with wood bits, sanding paper, and a pencil + pencil sharpener.

Optional - 3D printer (for test-tube holder)

Step 1: Cut a Plywood Board

Cut a plywood board down to size. You can set it to be whatever as you like. My advice is that you think of where you want the final product to be hanging before you start working! Once you find a spot for your project, try to estimate the dimensions that would work for you. Measuring other objects around the house should be helpful for that. My pegboard is about 40cm (~15") wide and 55cm (~21.5") tall.

Step 2: Prepare Your Plywood

Using a round object, mark the edges of your plywood board with quarter-circles and carefully cut those off.

Sand the board until you're completely satisfied with its look - it should have smooth edges and no splinters at all.

Step 3: Mark the Holes

Decide on the spacing you want between the holes, and mark the plywood using a pencil. Mine were about 3cm (~1.2 inches) apart. Try to mark the holes so that they form a well organized grid - this is central for the look of your final product.Use a ruler and any square object to help you do this.

Step 4: Cut Wooden Dowels

Cut the wooden dowels to size. Each one should be about twice the thickness of your plywood board. You should make about 1 dowel for every 10 holes you plan on making in your pegboard. Mine has 170+ holes so I made about 20 wooden dowels.

Step 5: Drill a Million Holes

Pick a wood drill bit that fits your dowels, and drill holes in all of the marked places. This will take a while - take your time to rest in between drills so you don't lose patience during the work, and keep working as accurately as you can throughout the whole process.

You should leave 2 holes drilled only half-way through. These will be used to hang the board on the wall. The holes should be in one of the upper rows of the grid (I chose the 2nd row from the top). Using a small drill bit, make pilot-holes through them.

Finally, I used a special drill bit to make a chamfer in the drilled holes. Google said they're called "countersink" drill bits.

Step 6: Almost Done! Hang the Board!

Using two screws, hang the board by the two half-way-through holes you left before.

Step 7: Earring Hanger

Drill small holes through two dowels. The holes should be perpendicular to the dowel's long axis.

Thread a piece of wire (~5-7 inches long wire should do). Wind some wire on each of the dowels, and put it into your pegboard. If the wire is too loss, wind some more until it's tight.

Step 8: Key-Chain Hanger

Cut off one of your dowels to half. Carefully drill a hole through it, and screw in a hook-screw.

Step 9: Test-Tube for Flowers

I printed this test-tube holder to put flowers on the pegboard. I used standard sized dowels, but you might need to re-scale the dimensions before you print yours - make sure that your part's dimensions fit the holes you made!

Tip - design gradually-changing angles so that you don't need any supports during the printing stage. This not only saves on material but also your end result would turn out much smoother and cleaner.

Step 10: She Said Yes!!

Sorry for going off-topic! :)

Step 11: And That's It!

Put the accessories you made on the pegboard and show-off all of your (or her) jewelry!

Hope you like my instructable and visit my instructables page for more projects I made!

See you soon!

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