Introduction: Jointing Edges WITHOUT a Jointer

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When you don't have a jointer, this is another easy, affordable, foolproof, method for jointing edges and getting perfectly straight edges to your stock - all by using a router.


Step 1: Set Up Your Jig

I started with this flush trim routing bit.

I bought an MDF shelf found in the closet section of Home Depot. It has a factory-made edge and it's the straightest I could find. Make sure to find a shelf longer than the stock you are jointing. The router bearing of the flush trim bit runs along this straight edge of the MDF.

You will then place your stock on top of the MDF board, with the edge that you want to joint left slightly proud. Clamp it well! I use these peg clamps and can't recommend them enough!

Step 2: Route the Edge

Adjust the depth of the flush trim bit to where the bearing runs along the straight edge and the blades trim the board sitting on top.

It's important to make sure your boards are flat on the top and bottom for the router to run on. If it's off square, you're edge won't be square either. To help with this, I ran these through my planer before I jointed the edges.

And there it is! A quick, easy, affordable method for getting perfectly straight and square edges. Happy building!