Introduction: Journal Writing Tips

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If you are like me, you don't write in your journal because you don't have anything to write. In this instructable I will give you tips on what and how to write things that happen in your every day life.

Step 1: Personalize Your Journal

Chances are when your journal is fun and your own style you'll want to wright in it. The last picture is one of my journals. I had a plain pink journal and I personalized it with markers and stencils. If you want to go extra designer you can put jewels, stickers, or something you cut out with your cricket machine. Pretty much anything that strikes your fancy! Make it your own!

Step 2: Writing Your Feelings

The title says it all! Write about your feelings. I struggle with a little bit of depression, sometimes I don't know how to explain my feelings. It helps me to write them down. You can write about how happy you were or how sad someone made you feel. You could even write what the weather is :) If you are stressed out and feel like you have 1000 things going through your head it helps to write them down and then you realize you don't really have that many things you have to do.

Step 3: Recipes

I know this may sound weird but if your great grandma gave you a recipe you would want to write it down somewhere and what's A better place to write it in then your journal!

Step 4: Big or Small Events

However big or small it's good to keep a record of your daily life! Whether it's the first day of school, or you just had a good time blowing bubbles it doesn't matter! Even if you write just a few sentences about that day that's enough to say "I wrote in my journal".

Step 5: Vacations/Family Time

Camping and beaches and reunions oh my! whether it's baking something in the kitchen or going on a huge family vacation we all love spending time with our families! So write about the fun times you have with your family because let's admit it those memories will fade away sometime! And I don't know about you but I want to remember my family forever!!! And yes that last picture is of my 24 (and counting) cousins!